7 Tips: Things That You Should Avoid in New York

7:04 am  |  13.10.2021

Who visits a metropolis like New York for the first time, not only asks what highlights must be on the program but also what you should avoid better.

Eyes on the “Express Trains”

NYC Subway

The New York subway network is really confusing for strangers. There are several trains per line, which have different letters and often drive from certain points in different directions. Especially evils for local news: Some of these trains are “Express Trains” that do not hold on all stations. In case of doubt, this leads to the fact that you can catch up in your station in passing and then with a “Local Train” will return five stations again. Incidentally, the “Express Trains” can be recognized by the fact that the letter is framed at the subway with a square and not with a circle.

Attention: As the owner of a metro card you have to wait 18 minutes before you can use the ticket again. This is especially annoying, if you go back in the wrong direction, again want to return, but it has to leave the subway station – it is quite common in New York that the stations are not subterranean. But do not worry: If you create your problem friendly to employees at the info break, you will always be passed through.

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Don’t Underestimate the Distances

Yes, New York is certainly not to compare with a hiking holiday. But anyone who was already there knows how big New York is and what distances can still be walked on. This is due to it that there is above ground so much to discover.

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On the other hand, that there are many subways and buses, but not the entire urban area makes sense. I’ve been on the spot more than once the experience that it went faster than with the metro – and put up to 30,000 steps back a day. So comfortable shoes are a must and a little muscle cat in sports muffles is not unlikely.

Don’t Buy a “New York City Pass”

The “New York City Pass” provides access to a total of six attractions: In any case, the Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition, you have the choice between other attractions: Top of The Rock or Guggenheim Museum, Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island, or Boat Tours with the Circle Line and the 9/11 Memorial & Museum or the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. The City Pass costs $ 132 for adults, for children 108 dollars. If you visit all of the listed attractions, you save more than 40 percent – that’s definitely worth it.

However, this is also the problem: the pass only pays off if you want to watch at least half of the attractions anyway and no discounts get (students or retirees, e.g. in many museums anyway discounts). So calculate before, if you do not get away without the city pass.

Don’t Go to the Museum on an X-Arbitrary Day

Speaking of museums: Here it is worth taking a visit not only from the weather but also dependent on the weekday. Because many museums are free on certain days of the week. For example, the 9/11 museum, which is also integrated into the New York City Pass, is free on Tuesday from 5 to 21 pm anyway free – usually, the entrance fee costs 26 dollars.

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Avoid Taxi

New York’s Yellow Taxi 

There are several reasons for that. On the one hand, you can really save a lot of money if you waive rides with the famous “Yellow Cabs”, which are anything but cheap. On the other hand, one often stays in the dense traffic of the million-city hanging, especially in Manhattan.

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If you are still deciding against a walk or the metro, it makes more sense to opt for an alternative driving service provider such as Uber or Lyft. Here you will danger from individuals, but at least in the US also have a taxi license. It will be particularly favorable if you share the car with other people (“shared” over or Lyft).

Buy No SIM Card

Fair, it is important for Uber and Lyft that you have Internet. Now you could find the idea as a tourist to buy directly a local SIM card for the internet. But stop, no! Because mobile data is simply not needed in New York.

At literally every corner in New York there is free Wi-Fi: in most restaurants and cafes, shopping malls, in the subway, and even on advertising panels. When I was in New York, there was only a moment in nine days, in which I would have wished for mobile data – and that was outside the city area at JFK airport.

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Don’t Save the Food

Of course, a holiday in Big Apple is not favorable, but the topic of food is really worth spending a little more on. Starting with classics such as the grandiose sandwich locally Katz Deli’s, in which many celebrities already dined, to Vegan star kitchen, as in the avant-garde – in New York, everyone really comes to their money’s worth in New York.

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