9 Best Hikes Near NYC: Most Interesting Places in the Hudson Valley

11:26 am  |  20.02.2021

New York has so much to offer that many tourists and even locals never venture outside of Manhattan. However, it is worth leaving the urban jungle for at least a little while to spend time in a peaceful, picturesque setting. Of course, New York is impossible to imagine without the Hudson, an unusually deep river that flows 315 miles from the Adirondacks to the Statue of Liberty. The heart of this place is the 80 miles long Hudson River Valley, which offers great views. The first art and literary movement in 


Glenview is a Victorian mansion located on the grounds of the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers. The house was built between 1876 and 1877 for John Bond Trevor, a New York City financier. In the 1920s, the estate and its grounds were sold to the city of Yonkers and after a while became a park-museum for tourists. 

Glenview is a Victorian mansion

Glenview became part of the Hudson Valley museums 28 years later — in 1948. Today the mansion has beenrenovated and pleases residents and tourists with its appearance.

Harriman State Park

The second-largest state park in New York State, Harriman State Park is located in Rockland and Orange County. It includes 31 lakes, over 200 miles of hiking trails, and many camping sites for backpackers. Other tourist attractions such as boating and cycling are also popular here. 

Harriman State Park
Harriman State Park

Volunteers from New York-New Jersey Trail Conferences support the park. There are several protected forests around the park, which make it possible to observe the behavior of wild animals in natural conditions.

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Nyack – a city on the Hudson

The city is located on the banks of the Hudson and descends from the hills to the very bank of the river. There are many beautiful houses in Nyack, built in the second half of the 19th century. 

Nyack - a city on the Hudson
Nyack – a city on the Hudson

Many of them have been bought out and restored. Some are far from being in the best condition and are still waiting for their new owners.

Colonial villages

Sleepy Hollow is a quaint village on the Hudson River 20 miles north of New York City. Previously, it was the center of agriculture and animal husbandry, but now it serves as entertainment for tourists. This place can be reached in several ways: by car or by train (about 40 minutes from the central station) for $ 40. The city really comes to life during the celebration of Halloween — residents decorate their houses in the style of the legend of the headless horseman.

Sleepy Hollow Hudson
Sleepy Hollow Hudson

Tourists prefer to visit the local cemetery at any time of the year. Other attractions include the old church and Philipsburg Manor. Incidentally, all of these places are mentioned in Irving’s story “the headless horseman.” Tourists often try to find the Headless Bridge described in the novel, and also come to see the legendary Rockefeller mansion on a hilltop surrounded by magnificent gardens overlooking the Hudson River.

Memorial State Park

Also known as Fahnestock State Park, this is a great destination for nature and adventure lovers. It has an area of approximately 14,000 acres and is located in Putnam and Dutchess Counties, New York State. There are many hiking trails and a beach on Lake Canopus. 

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Fahnestock State Park
Fahnestock State Park

Tourists can fish here, camp in tents, or swim in crystal clear waters. Here everyone can spend an unforgettable weekend with friends or family.

Hiking and biking

Bear Mountain Park is a picturesque place where everyone can get some privacy in nature. It is located about 50 miles north of New York on the west bank of the Hudson River. The train journey takes no more than an hour and a half. 

Bear Mountain Park

Tourists in this place enjoy the magnificent scenery and the opportunity to ride a bike on the webs of trails and routes. Today, there are over 200 routes that traverse the state park. Anyone can enjoy a relaxing holiday in this place, go fishing or camp.

Mountain walks

Loop Trail Black Mountain is part of the most popular hiking trails. Harriman Park hosts over 200 trails of varying difficulty, adapted for both hiking, cycling, and walking. At the beginning of the journey, the most difficult part is that the ascent is quite sharp and an unprepared tourist will lose a lot of strength overcoming it. However, the picture that opens up to the eye at the very top justifies the effort expended in full. In total, the route is 8 miles long and takes several hours. On the way, tourists admire incredible landscapes, walking along moss-covered paths along the wide streams of pine forests.

The historical part of the valley

The Hudson Valley has a true city steeped in history. You can get to your destination from New York by car or train (distance 65 miles, the train takes an hour and a half from Metro-North).

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Americana village

If you are planning a trip through the valley, then be sure to visit this small town. The valley is also home to the Hudson Lighthouse, which is architecturally similar to other ancient buildings in the Americana village. A place is distinguished by its Victorian buildings and colorful red-brick architecture. The city also has small antique shops, art galleries, museums, and a variety of restaurants.

The splendor of green gardens

Every tourist should see with his own eyes the 28-acre garden surrounded by parkland. Greenwood Garden used to be private property, but today it is a public place. There is a hotel on-site with uniquely decorated rooms in various styles.

Greenwood Garden

Varieties of events are held here every year, including festive celebrations and themed gardening lectures. Each visitor can book an individual tour of the mossy paths or go on an adventure on their own. Green Gardens is a half-hour drive from New York and can be reached by train or car.

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven NJ

This trail is one of the best hiking trails in New York City. A visit to this route will leave a lasting impression on your heart. Tourists can walk along the suspension bridge, walk among the fields of flowers or climb the rocks to the very top.

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