100 Facts About New York That Might Interest You

12:38 am  |  01.10.2020


New York is a stunning city full of color and inspiration. Millions of people visit this city every year. Many people move here in pursuit of their dreams and in search of a dizzying career. Others visit the city as tourists and prefer to enjoy its beauty and return home. One thing is for sure – this city will not leave anyone indifferent. He never sleeps and will always find something to surprise visitors. Let’s take a look at the most amazing and interesting facts about New York.

  1. New York was founded by Dutch colonists in the early 17th century.
  2. Until 1664, the city was called New Amsterdam, and after the capture by the British, it was renamed in honor of the Duke of York (younger brother of King Charles II of England).
  3. The Statue of Liberty has become one of the symbols of New York. She was brought as a gift from the French people to the people of the United States on June 17, 1885, aboard the frigate Isere.
  4. The height of the Statue of Liberty from the base to the torch is 46.05 meters.
  5. You can climb the Statue of Liberty. If you overcome 354 steps of the spiral staircase, you will find yourself in the crown of the monument.
  6. New York consists of five boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island and is located in the state of the same name.

    The Statue of Liberty

  7. Peter Minuit is a Dutch explorer who bought Manhattan Island for $ 24 from the Indians.

  8. The island got its name from the words “manna-hatta”, which in translation from one of the Alkino languages ​​means “rocky island”. Due to the large-scale construction, all the hills were razed to the ground.
  9. The Bronx is on the mainland, Manhattan and Staten Island are independent islands, and Brooklyn and Queens are located on Long Island.

    Manhattan, NYC

  10. All areas are connected by twelve suspension bridges and a large number of tunnels. Some are twelve lanes wide and over three kilometers long.
  11. The city is home to about 7-8 million people, half of them settled in Brooklyn.
  12. From January 11, 1785, to August 12, 1790, New York was the capital of the United States of America.
  13. Each US state has its own road rules. There are only 8 road signs in New York State, a record for American roads.

    Signs That Prohibit Turning Right At a Red Light

  14. In the city, cars are not allowed to turn right at a red light, but in the state and in all other cities in the United States, this is allowed. However, you should pay attention to the signs under the traffic lights. Inside the city, you can see a sign: “After stopping, it is allowed to turn to red light”, and outside the city – “It is forbidden to turn to red light”.

  15. The length of all streets in New York is 10259 km.
  16. More than 30% of New Yorkers were born outside the United States.
  17. Since Brooklyn was once an independent city, its inhabitants are called Brooklynites, and the rest are called New Yorkers, but now they hardly pay attention to this.
  18. New Yorkers don’t like to meddle in other people’s affairs. If you are lying in the middle of the street, no one will come to you unless you seek help yourself. If you asked for help, everyone will immediately rush to help and call 911. Three services come to the call at once – police, ambulance, and firefighters. Those who arrived at the site first, begin to provide emergency care, without waiting for the rest.Subway Station In New York
  19. New York has the largest subway in the world. It serves as transport for eight million people a day. There are 468 metro stations in total, both underground and aboveground, with their own tunnels across the East River.
  20. More than 12,000 different life forms have been found in the New York subway, including bacteria.
  21. The East River is an oceanic strait that separates Long Island from Manhattan and the Bronx. And the Hudson and Harlem are rivers that separate Manhattan from the mainland.
  22. Manhattan is the most expensive area in New York and the only one without a main street.
  23. Bridges and tunnels in New York are usually paid. One way fare is $ 6.50.
  24. Manhattan is connected to Roosevelt Island by aerial tramway and Staten Island by ferries. Travel on the listed types of transport is free.
  25. New York City has the largest public hospital network in the world. In addition, there are many private medical organizations and small medical offices.
  26. There are three airports in New York: Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark. The last of these is located in the neighboring state of New Jersey.Kennedy Airport, NYC
  27. Kennedy Airport is the largest airport in the world.
  28. New York holds the record for the number of skyscrapers in the world. The highest of these is the Empire State Building.
  29. The building has 1576 steps, which are used annually for a race. The world record for this race was 9 minutes 33 seconds.
  30. The Empire State Building has its own postcode.
  31. Every average New Yorker pays taxes, the amount of which exceeds 55%.
  32. New York has restaurants in absolutely all nations of the world. Service in any restaurant is 15% of the check amount, and you can ask the rest of the dinner to be wrapped in a Doggy bag so that you can then give it to your pet.
  33. In New York, you can taste the flesh of any animal that is not listed in the Red Book.
  34. Half of all beer sold annually in New York is drunk in just 6 days: 5 national holidays and the Super Bowl (the final game of American football).
  35. There are many free sports grounds, stadiums, and tennis courts throughout the city. The city monitors the cleanliness and order of all public places.
  36. Smoking is prohibited in New York City restaurants, bars, city parks, playgrounds, and other public places.
  37. Cigarettes are expensive in New York. A pack – at least $ 11.New York Stock Exchange
  38. Three of the four largest financial exchanges: the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the NASDAQ virtual exchange are located in New York.
  39. The Broker’s place on the New York Stock Exchange is being sold at a very high price.
  40. There are many homeless people in New York, most of whom live in Manhattan. According to statistics, 97% of them want to be homeless, and only 3% really cannot get out of this situation.
  41. The homeless are cared for in the city, hot food, and lodging every day.
  42. In New York, all places are wheelchair accessible. All intersections have special ramps, buses are equipped with ramps, and some metro stations even have elevators. If a disabled person lives in an apartment building, the landlord must equip the entrance with a ramp.
  43. For most elderly and disabled people in New York, an assistant is allocated absolutely free of charge, who can carry out assignments for several hours a week and can provide assistance 24 hours a day and live at the client’s home.
  44. In New York, there are only 4 reasons for which divorce is permitted: treason, prison, separation for more than one year, and death.
  45. Children in families usually start working early and move out from their parents either to the university campus or to a rented apartment.
  46. All public places in New York: cafes, restaurants, hotels, schools, libraries, and others are equipped with free Wifi.
  47. Secondary education is compulsory for New Yorkers. In theory, parents can go to jail if their child is not attending school.
  48. An American school lasts 12 years and is divided into three periods: elementary, middle, and high school. Each period lasts 4 years.New York University
  49. New York is home to two of the top nine universities in the United States – Columbia University and New York University. The cost of training in these institutions is $ 40,000-45,000 per year.
  50. The city is famous for a huge number of museums. At the ticket office of state museums, you will be advised to pay $ 20 for a ticket, you can take the advice or pay a lower amount and also get a ticket.The Metropolitan Museum
  51. The largest zoo in the world is located in the Bronx. In 1936, the last Tasmanian tiger died here.
  52. State law prohibits the existence of any gambling establishment.
  53. On Broadway, near Times Square, there are many theaters that stage famous Broadway musicals. The musical “Cats” lasted the longest in one of these theaters; it was staged every day for 27 years.
  54. New Yorkers do not pay attention to your appearance at all if you are dressed in clean clothes and you do not smell.
  55. In terms of crime, New York is ranked 197, among cities with a population of over 100,000.
  56. Every twenty-first New Yorker is a millionaire.
  57. Prolonged gazing of a woman on the street and in an institution may be mistaken for harassment.
  58. New Yorkers are tolerant of all kinds of religions.
  59. About 13 thousand taxis operate on the streets of the city.NYC Taxis
  60. New York City taxis became yellow because of the research of John Hirtz (founder of the transport company), who found out that this particular color is the most pleasing to the eye.
  61. New York is one of the ten cities in the world with the most lingering traffic jams.
  62. Every passer-by of the city can become a hero of the film. About 200 films are filmed here every year.Filming in New York
  63. New York is also called the Big Apple. According to one version, such a nickname was given to the city by journalist John Fitz Gerald, who mentioned in The New York Morning Telegraph that he was heading for the Big Apple. In those days, the races that took place in the vicinity of the city were called Apples.
  64. About 25% of gold bullion is stored 24 meters deep beneath the Wall Street branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.First Brick Chewing Gum Factory
  65. The first chewing gum factory was opened in New York.
  66. In New York, honking is only permitted in an emergency. But drivers 
  67. New York is the most multicultural people in the world.
  68. Albany is the capital of New York State.
  69. Doctors and Nurse are among the twenty most respected professions in the United States. The salary of a nurse is $ 70,000 – $ 75,000 per year, the doctor’s income is much higher.
  70. The annual budget of New York exceeds the budget of most countries in the world.
  71. New York is the most linguistically diverse city in the world, with about 800 foreign languages.America’s First Pizzeria
  72. It was in New York in 1895 that the first pizzeria in the United States was opened.
  73. For the past 50 years, the cost of a slice of pizza is roughly the cost of a one-way subway ride.
  74. Most ads in New York are duplicated in Spanish.
  75. Temples of all major religions of the world are located on the territory of New York.
  76. The city ranks first on the list of the 25 safest cities in the United States.
  77. In summer, the temperature here often reaches 40 degrees and is difficult to tolerate due to high humidity.
  78. Each area is equipped with a special place for people who cannot use air conditioning. On especially hot days, you can even spend the night here.
  79. The area of ​​the city is 1214.9 km².New York Skyscraper That Has No Windows
  80. The city has a skyscraper that has no windows.
  81. In winter, to avoid freezing, New York authorities set fire to railroad tracks.
  82. It will take about $ 300,000 a year to maintain a hot dog stand in the vicinity of Central Park.
  83. New York is home to the largest number of Poles in the world, with the exception of the capital of Poland – Warsaw.
  84. About half of the city’s population does not speak English at home.
  85. New York drinks 7 times more coffee than any other city in the United States.
    The Copepod Cancer
  86. The city’s water supply system is home to a harmless shrimp – the copepod, or copepod cancer.
  87. New York receives 15 times more snow than the South Pole.
  88. Einstein’s eyes were preserved by Dr. Henry Abrams, they are locked in one of the city’s safes.
  89. The average New Yorker spends about 40 minutes a day commuting to work.
  90. The New York legislature is the 51-member Senate.
  91. About 50 million tourists visit New York annually, spending about $ 30 billion on vacations.
  92. The average cost of living in a regular hotel in New York is about $ 250.
  93. About 5 million people use the city’s metro services every weekday.NYC Subway Musician
  94. Not all musicians are allowed to play on the New York Subway. To obtain permission, you must pass the selection and become members of the organization of underground musicians – MUNY (Music Under New York).
  95. In New York, there are many interesting outdated laws that are still in effect, for example, a woman can walk topless in the city, just not for the purpose of commercial activity.
  96. The biggest expense in the budget of city residents is paying for an apartment. For the poor, it takes up to 90% of all income.
  97. New York is the only city in the world with over 100 billionaires.
  98. The rent in New York is about $ 3400 per month, which is almost 2 times the national average rent.The Most Expensive Apartment in the USA
  99. The most expensive apartment sold in the United States is located in New York. This is a $ 238 million penthouse.
  100. According to statistics, in a year New Yorkers bite 10 times more people than sharks.
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