Greenwich Village: Place of Creatives and Artists

6:39 pm  |  12.02.2023

Greenwich Village, affectionately known as “The Village,” is a place right in beautiful Manhattan. Although Manhattan is more known for large companies, shopping miles, and the hub of everything that happens, the small district is better known for its very own character.

If you dare to visit, you will quickly realize that there is not much left of hectic New York. Narrow streets, small cafés, and an almost “suburb” atmosphere spread here. It’s hard to believe what has already happened in the streets of the district. Find out what The Village is known for and who you might be lucky enough to meet in the streets here.

A Quarter of the Countermovement

The Christopher Street Day, which is intended to clarify the rights of, among other things, gays and lesbians, has its origins here. Gay Pride officially took place for the first time in 1970 on Christopher Street, one of the most well-known streets in the district, and has been taking place all over the world ever since.

This annual event has also become a tradition in Germany. Every year in June, Christopher Street is transformed into a colorful and decorated street where homosexuals celebrate and demonstrate their rights. Not only an important event for many but also a very special attraction during a trip to New York.

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But even before the demonstration started, a large number of artists and musicians settled here. Bob Dylan was once allowed to call Greenwich Village his home. Due to the low rents at that time, this place quickly belonged to individuals and musicians. It was only over the years and through the many companies that spread out here that “The Village” became what it is today.

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Since then, many restaurants, bars, and smaller cafés have adorned the streets and have boosted the economy properly.

Well-known Film Locations with the Charm

The old brick buildings exude a very special charm for many. The film scene has also taken advantage of this. Some major Hollywood films and series have been filmed in the streets and on Washington Square.

Typical Houses

Probably nothing new for real fans, but Sex and the City and the series Friends can also draw on some scenes in the well-known district. Although only the outer facade of Friends’ apartment appears, for many fans it is still an absolute “must-do” to make the journey and take a photo.

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The actress of the series “Sex and the City” probably liked it so much after filming that she and her family chose this place as their place of residence. There are now a few providers who offer extensive tours through the small streets and show all the important film locations and provide important background information. If you’re lucky, you might even bump into Sarah Jessica Parker doing her weekly grocery shopping while on tour.

The Washington Square Arch, which was modeled on the triumphal arch in Paris, also had to serve more than once for a Hollywood film. For example, Will Smith hid from the zombies in the red house diagonally across from him in the well-known film “I am Legend”. An absolutely worthwhile excursion for real fans, which takes you straight back to the film.

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More Excursions Near Greenwich Village

If you want to end the day a little after your tour, you can do so at the nearby water. 

Restaurants and bars offer delicious food and drinks with a view of the water so that the evening can be enjoyed particularly well.

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Just a 15-minute walk further north is the High Line Park, which was then used as a link for freight traffic.

A walk in the High Line Park not only offers a variety of seating options, but also a large number of creative companies that have set up shop to the left and right. The location around the park has become so popular in recent years that rental prices have increased all around.

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