Food Paradise: Eat As Good As the Locals

8:05 am  |  12.12.2021

New York has its very own scent – carried by the wind, it blows tourists and locals as they stroll through the streets. Falafel, pita, hot dogs, or tacos, everyone will be full here. Feast your way through the megacity with our food guide.

The metropolis of New York is always a highlight of every trip to the USA. Whether the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, or Central Park – there is simply an incredible amount to see and do in New York. But it is not only the places worth seeing and the numerous skyscrapers that a New York tourist is astonished in particular but also the huge range of culinary delicacies that delight the palate. 

Whether a small snack stands with hot dogs or first-class fine restaurants, the range of food options in the city that never sleeps seems to be endless. There are restaurants on every corner for every taste and price. In our New York City Food Guide we show you the best spots for delicious food in NYC.

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New York Pizza – Better Than Italy?

Who of us doesn’t love to eat a delicious pizza? Even if many of you think of Italy when you think of this dish, we have to tell you: Then you’ve probably never eaten a real New York pizza. Because it is simply delicious and a real delicacy of the metropolis! There are so many variations, but the real New York pizza has a thin batter and is topped with mozzarella and marinara sauce.

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Tip: SottoCasa Pizzaria in Harlem north of Central Park is a real climber in pizza heaven: A wonderfully crispy rim, good mozzarella cheese, and a cozy atmosphere – an absolute insider tip!

Of course, there are quite a few pizzerias in New York, but Lombardi’s, Roberta’s, Joe’s Pizza, and John’s of Bleeker Street are definitely four of the best places to go. For example, Lombardi’s is the oldest pizzeria in New York, where the pizzas are even still in an old Coal oven to be baked. Meanwhile, one or the other celebrity can be spotted in Roberta’s, such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. And John’s of Bleeker Street doesn’t have to hide with its delicious pizzas and delicious pizza toppings either! But what you definitely have to try is the Vodka Pizza at Rubirosa. Nicolas Cage has already taken a seat in the restaurant.

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Delicious Hot Dogs on Every Corner in New York

Another popular dish among New Yorkers is undoubtedly the hot dog. 

You will find small food trucks on almost every corner where you can buy a sausage in a roll on hand. The German immigrant Charles Feltman is responsible for the fact that the snack has now developed into the most popular fast food dish in New York. He sold hot dogs for the first time on Coney Island in 1871 and has since made the island’s popular Nathan’s Famous restaurant to be found on island. In addition to this restaurant, there are numerous other great places to go for a delicious New York hot dog.

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Burger: Food Symbol

Just as popular as the hot dog is of course the classic: a delicious, juicy burger! A visit to a New York burger restaurant is a real must when visiting the breathtaking metropolis.

Of course, you will quickly find what you are looking for, after all, the burgers can be consumed in a wide variety of variations and in a number of restaurants. These offer New Yorkers and their tourists a really tasty burger and, of course, freshly fried fries as a side dish. They should never be missing from a real New York burger menu. Top tips for tasty burgers in the popular big city are:

  • Balthazar in SoHo.
  • Five Napkin Burger on the Upper East & West Side, Union Square, and in Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Shake Shack all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Lighthouse in Brooklyn and on the Hudson River.
  • Westville in Greenwich Village.

Bagels, Donuts & Cronuts

New York City donats

From the warm, appetizing fast food dishes we now come to the legendary bagels or donuts and cronuts. Americans prefer bagels for the perfect start to the day. These are then available in a wide variety of creations – whether with sesame, onions, or poppy seeds. The classic topping is cream cheese, but of course, there are also more unusual variants. There is always something for every taste! The best bagels can be found here at Murrays Bagels, Absolute Bagels, and Best Bagel and Coffee.

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The Best Cronut in NYC

The sweet counterpart to the bagel is the donut. The pastries, which are also round and have a hole in the middle, are made with the most colorful icing. A few years ago, a new sweet item developed from the classic: the cronut, an extraordinary mix of croissant and donut. You can try the original in the Dominique Ansel Bakery in Lower Manhattan, but you have to stand in line to grab one of the coveted delicacies. Sounds pretty crazy, but it’s an absolute hit in New York.

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New York Cheese & Cupcakes

Do you love cheesecake? Then you should try the New York cheesecake – and we guarantee you will be addicted. 

New Yorkers adore their legendary cheesecake, and not without reason. Probably the best New York cheesecake can be found at Junior’s, where it has been baked since the 1950s, and also at Eileen’s Special Cheesecake.

Another pastry that you absolutely must try while in New York is a cupcake. Incidentally, the Magnolia Bakery, where Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends from the legendary series “Sex and the City” shopped and is available in five different corners of Manhattan, is particularly recommendable. Another highlight is Sprinkles Cupcakes. There you can not only take a coffee break in a loving atmosphere but also if you have to go fast, get a cupcake from the machine – the Cupcake ATM is one of those unique business models that only exist in the Big Apple.

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