Piece of a Dream Factory: Famous Movie Hotels in the USA

1:54 pm  |  27.12.2021

In the United States, there are highly frequented hotels in various states that play a role in many blockbusters.

Countless blockbusters are filmed in the USA, which is hardly surprising. Due to the enormous size of the country, it is more diverse than almost any other country in the world and therefore offers the right setting for every film. Whether action, adventure, or glamor, all branches can be served in the cities of the USA, all wishes fulfilled and all plans of the producers implemented.

While scenic shots or everyday scenes often do not stay in the viewer’s memory for too long, most of them will undoubtedly remember the imposing and glamorous scenes, many of which were filmed in the most popular hotels in the USA.

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These include the Plaza in New York City and the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. But also in the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu and The Columns Hotel in New Orleans, important films or special scenes were filmed that later thrilled an audience of millions.

The Plaza, Manhattan, New York

Luxury Rooms of New York’s Plaza

The Plaza in Manhattan, New York, is one of the most famous hotels in the world and represents a piece of the city’s contemporary history. In 1986 the plaza was entered on the National Register of Historic Places and was granted National Geographic Landmark status. The hotel achieved its fame not least thanks to the various films that have already been shot here in the past.

The hotel was opened in 1907 and has been one of the city’s landmarks ever since. The building owes its recognition value in particular to its architectural style of the French Renaissance and the interior fittings.

Immediately after its opening, the hotel was considered the best hotel in the world. The building can be found at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and East 59th. Due to the direct location on Central Park, the Plaza gets an even more exclusive touch than it already has.

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Due to its general attractiveness and cultural significance, the plaza is the setting for various films. Kevin alone in New York and The Great Gatsby are just two examples in a series that could be continued at will.

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The scenes that can be found especially in The Great Gatsby can still be experienced in life today. Because the bars and restaurants of the Plaza Hotel are still convincing with their glamorous appearance. By the way, the doors are not only open to hotel guests. Anyone who can afford it has the opportunity to sit down in the bar or one of the restaurants, dine at will, and enjoy the live music that is offered at regular intervals.

Las Vegas, Aria Resort & Casino

Aria Resort & Casino’s Room

Famous movie hotels can also be found in Las Vegas. For example, the comedy Last Vegas was filmed at Aria Resort & Casino. The hotel can be found directly on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. During the course of the film, the actors are in the casino for a bachelorette party. But the casino doesn’t just open its doors to movie stars. Vacationers can also take advantage of the offers. Everything your heart desires can be found here. In addition to the classic range of table games and numerous machines, there are even separate areas with a number of televisions. Sports betting is primarily covered here. Whether American football or Bundesliga betting odds. Almost all important events are offered. The selection is almost as wide as online. But you can also just sit in comfortable armchairs and watch the events on huge modern flat-screen televisions.

Compared to the Plaza, the Aria Resort & Casino is still a very young hotel. It was only opened in 2009 and is therefore just a bit older than a decade. Although this hotel lacks old charm, it is a one-of-a-kind building. In addition to a dozen restaurants and various shopping options, the hotel gained particular attention due to its huge casino, which has a total area of ​​over 14,000 square meters.

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Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu

Gorgeous Turtle Bay Resort’s view

The magnificent hotel The Turtle Bay Resort, located on Oahu, is also known for film and television. It is considered the most famous hotel on the north coast of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. One of the reasons for this is its popularity with the stars. But the fact that the hotel, and in particular the grounds, has served and still serves as the setting for many blockbusters have contributed significantly to the fact that the Turtle Bay Resort is known around the world.

In particular, the location of the hotel is absolutely unique. The Turtle Bay Resort, which opened in 1972, can be found in the middle of the largely untouched Hawaiian rainforest. The site extends over 320 hectares. The fact that the Hawaiian hotel is exclusive accommodation becomes clear, among other things, if you take a look at the hotel complex. There are two golf courses, 10 tennis courts, and a wide range of options for different spa treatments.

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Given the luxurious charm that the hotel exudes and its unique location, it is hardly surprising that a number of films have been filmed on the grounds of Turtle Bay in the past. Among other things, never again sex with the ex and Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides. The hotel grounds also serve as a film set for the cult series Lost.

While the luxurious advantages of the hotel are in the foreground in the comedy, Pirates of the Caribbean and LOST focus exclusively on the mystical side, which Turtle Bay also has to offer due to its location on the edge of the rainforest. This underlines why the Turtle Bay Resort is very popular with film producers: It offers the ideal setting for films of various genres to underline the action either with the hotel itself or with nature, making it the perfect place to go.

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The Columns Hotel, New Orleans

The Columns Hotel’s vintage view

The Columns Hotel is the location of the three-time Oscar-winning drama 12 Years A Slave, which appeared in the USA in 2013. The historical drama is an autobiographical film based on the work of the same name by Solomon Northup from 1853.

The story is about a free African American who is sold into slavery and whose life changes completely from that point on. Due to the themes of slavery and oppression, the film is very critical of society, and nevertheless, or precisely because of that, it enjoys a very high reputation.

It was not for nothing that the film received three Oscars at the 2014 Academy Awards. One of them went to director Steve McQueen. Lupita Nyong’o also received an award for a best supporting role. The third Oscar was awarded for the best-adapted screenplay.

Although only a few scenes were filmed at The Columns Hotel, it is an ideal location for the film. In particular, the design of the building represents the time around 1840. In addition, the building has a strong recognition value due to its concise architecture. The property in combination with the general appearance of the hotel forms a perfect picture for a 19th-century plantation owner.


It is no wonder that different states and cities in the USA can be seen in films again and again. Many places in the USA are among the most popular film sets. Hardly any other continent offers such a broad spectrum of natural backdrops, small-town atmosphere, and big-city bustle, which means that all the demands of film producers can be met.

But the history of the USA also contributes to the fact that an enormous variety of film ideas can all be implemented. Various buildings, some of which have existed for centuries, make a major contribution to this. It gives the films a natural flair and gives the producers the opportunity to bring the film’s plot to life in an authentic setting.

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