Tips for New York: Staten Island Has More to Offer Than a Ferry

5:26 am  |  22.02.2022

New York visitors spread to Staten Island for free because the ship passes directly to the Statue of Liberty. But the fewest tourists stay longer. Why not?

For New York visitors, the crossing to Staten Island begins with a stressful moment. In the waiting hall for the free ferry, people are pushing. 

But the miracle of Manhattan occurs in Whitehall terminal daily dozens of times: all waiting may be allowed to boot and even find a seat. And although the standing places on the right window front are more than sought after, because of the best view of the Statue of Liberty here: Under the eyes of Lady Liberty, according to this, fellow travelers become gentleman tourists and briefly leave the Outlook. There is also the return trip. And that enters a large part of the ferry tourists.

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The impression of Staten Island, the southwest of Manhattan island, only the unadorned waiting hall of the St. George terminal with the usual coffee-to-go chains and sandwich stores. Only attraction: There is free WiFi, so you can already google the next sight in Manhattan. Also, State Island, the Fifth New York Borough, has a lot to offer – the planned “New York Wheel” has not yet been included.

New York Wheel

This Ferris wheel is part of a large-scale redesign of St. George, 1.6 billion US dollars intends to invest the city, stood today. However, the construction of the “New York Wheels” rests indefinitely – there is litigation. When it’s done, up to 40 people will fit in each of the 36 gondolas. Of course, “New York Wheel” should overtrump the “London Eye” in the British capital, and even become one of the “greatest sights in the world”. Among them, the Americans do not make it.

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Even if there is little better in truth with major projects in New York than in Hamburg or Stuttgart: Efforts to upgrade the place of St. George will be visible as soon as you leave the waiting hall. Construction sites where the eye looks; At lunchtime, the workers take along the multi-lane Richmond Terrace Lunch Break. Anyone who can not be deterred by the little inviting sight of the heavy device and the construction fences finds a few hundred meters northwest of the St. George terminal the first sight.

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Staten Island September 11 Memorial

Reminiscent of the “Oculus” design by star architect Santiago Calatrava (right): The 9/11 memorial in Staten Island.

Photo: Fotolia / Luca Bravo /

Directly on the water is an installation that works like a miniature edition of the “Oculus” station by star architect Santiago Calatrava in the Financial District. The construct on the Ground Zero of white steel is part of the 9/11 memorial. The miniature edition in Staten Island, however, reminds less of a dinosaur score, but actually looks like a pair of wings – even if it is actually symbolized pages: the high, white swinging of the “Postcards” give the view free on the Skyntan skyline.

The memorial in Staten Island has created by the Japanese architect Masayuki Sono. 273 inhabitants of Staten Island died in the 2001 attacks, including financial analyzers, computer specialists, firefighters. To you, 273 stone panels remember the inside of the wings.

In stone: The 273 victims of September 11, 2001, which were home in Staten Island.

Photo: Johanna Bruckner

Sonos Mental is more than a collection of steel and stones, here the memory is deeply human: the stone plates with the names of the deceased have the shape of their faces in the profile. They look like the visitor, in the direction of Manhattan. There rises pride between the Gray High Rises The Blue Dimensioner One World Trade Center, built at the place of the terrorist attack.

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Anyone who wants to come to lighter thoughts after visiting the memorial is best looking through the barrier lattice into the local baseball stadium. That’s just a few steps away. Here are the Staten Island Yankees at home, which are called “Baby Bombers” in allusion to the much more acquaintance and more successful team of New York Yankees. But at least the Staten Island Yankees play with a fantastic panorama on the most famous city view of the world.

Ship enthusiasts are the heart placed a little further along the North Shore Waterfront Esplanade. There you can settle on one of the benches and watch the huge freighter at the entrance to the canal between Staten Island and New Jersey.

Snug Harbor

Snug Harbor was founded as a residence of sailors at the beginning of the 19th century. The rich New York Robert Richard Randall, who himself had driven as a captain to the lake, had in his will that the family assets and lands of the Randalls for sailors should be used.

Originally, the senior residence was planned in the north of today’s Washington Square Park. But because of legal disputes, it was decided in the end to rent the property grounds and to buy the generous lands in Staten Island from the money.

It has remained the idea of ​​giving people a refuge that the necessary means are missing: Today, in the small cottages on the site regularly come young, emerging artists under. You can – like the visitor – creativity or power from the natural scenery.

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The park offers extensive meadows, gnarled tree roots, and in the botanical garden an explosion of colors, shapes, and scents. While shutdown in Central Park is difficult because the big city is just a view of the skyscrapers of Upper East and Upper West Side, New York visitors breathe in Snug Harbor. And do not have to fear to feel the breath from other tourists in the neck – because even on weekends the system is not overflowing.

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