6 Magical Places Near New York That Everyone Should Know About

9:45 am  |  30.09.2020

America is a large country with many attractions. New York, a separate metropolis, whose people live in constant hectic and rush. If you decide to go on a tourist trip to this state, be prepared for the fact that a whole bunch of places worth visiting will fall on you. The city itself is home to many museums, parks, restaurants, art centers, and other attractions.

Also, outside the bustling city, you can find many magnificent places in nature that can capture attention and leave vivid impressions. You can go for a walk with family, friends, or be alone with yourself. It is possible to enjoy a day trip or go overnight. In this article, we look at some of the most picturesque places near New York City.

Kaaterskill Falls

Adirondack Mountains

Adirondack Mountains

The Adirondack Mountains are located in the north of New York and form a circular dome that is almost 160 miles in diameter and about 1 mile in height. Adirondack is a complex of mountains, which are located both singly and in groups.

In total, there are about 100 peaks with different heights. Mount Marcy, whose height is 1629 meters, is considered the highest point. Tourists come here all year round because of the abundance of scenic spots and a variety of recreational options.

Mount Marcy

The most popular and demanded places of the resort are the lakes: Lake Placid, Saronad, Schroon Lake, Lake George, and St. Regis Lakes. The Adirondack rivers are rich in trout and black perch, here, observing the restrictions, you can devote time to hunting and fishing. Also, it is very convenient to use kayaks and canoes for exploring the area. There are ponds for every taste, both for professionals and beginner swimmers. Motorboats are allowed to be used only on the central lakes of the park.

Lake George

The Adirondack is equally popular with hikers. Amateur climbers often spend their time at Rogers Rock, Pok-O-Moonshine, or Moss Cliffs. One of the most picturesque views of the park opens from Whiteface Mountain, two miles from it is the old farm of John Brown – North Elba, whose grave is one of the most popular attractions in the park. Another place worth visiting is the Indian Pass, a gorge between the Alcogin and Wallface Mountains. Beautiful landscapes can be seen from the Keene Valley.

Pok-O-Moonshine Mountain

Here you can easily stay for a few days, the park has hotels, lodges, restaurants, and cafes. A trip to the Adirondack Mountains will be a great adventure for you, which will be remembered for life!

The Wild Walk

A Trail Across the Treetops in Wild Center

Wild Park, formerly known as the Adirondack Museum of Natural History, is located on Tupper Lake and belongs to one of the attractions of the Adirondack Park described above, which should be given special attention. This center mixes both outdoor and indoor exhibits. This is a place of extraordinary beauty and great design. Thousands of feet of bridges and platforms have been built here, which pass over the forest and admire their views.

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Also, in addition to pedestrian outdoor recreation areas, Wild Park has five exhibition halls. The Pataki Hall is surrounded by a live river and a waterfall, where you can see otters and other animal species. In total, the center contains about 50 species of animals, most of which are located in this hall. The Big Wolf Hall looks like a canopy with an ice wall. The Naturalist’s Cabinet is a hall with various exhibits and collections. There is also the Flammer Panorama Theater, which shows films, the Science in the Sphere installation, which shows the relationship of the Adirondack ecosystem with the rest of the Earth.

Planet Adirondack in Wild Center

Many open-air exhibits in the center will allow you to get acquainted with the many ecosystems found in the Adirondack Park. Here you can ride across the river passing through the campus on the Canoe or walk with a guide. A fascinating place that will be useful for both adults and children. Here you will get a lot of pleasant memories and gain new knowledge.

The Devil’s Path

The Devil’s Path

In the Green County area, in the Catskill Mountains, one of the most difficult trails in New York State is the Devil’s Path. This route offers tourists the opportunity to reach 5 peaks from 35 Catskill peaks.

This area attracts tourists from many cities, states, and countries, due to difficult climbs along with steep gaps between the four peaks of the ridge. Here you will have to use your hands and legs to climb the rocks. After overcoming all these difficulties, you will have a magnificent view of the Catskill Mountain.

Most people come here for a day to explore one or two peaks along the ridge. In Devil’s Tombstone, not far from the trail, there is a very cozy camp where everyone can relax. Some experienced and motivated travelers even manage to cover the entire route of the trail in a day. On the devil’s path, there is only one intersection that separates the eastern, more dangerous half of the path, from the western – remote, but less difficult to pass.

The Devil’s Path Hiking Trail

The eastern trail is a “classic” Devi’s Path and consists of 4 peaks. Officially, the route starts at a place called Hunter, near Elka Park. From here, the Devil’s Path goes without any particular ascents for the next 1.4 miles, but after passing the source of the Schoharie, the ascent begins to the first peak – Indian Head. On the way to the first summit, you will encounter many beautiful landscapes and several steep climbs.

The next peak after Indian Head is Twin. The southern summit of Twin is considered the pearl of the trail for its beautiful scenery. From here you will have a view of the Catskill panorama, the Esopus Creek Valley, and the Ashokan Reservoir. Half a mile after the southern summit lies the true summit of Twin, at 3,640 feet. The view from this height is not as sweeping as from the southern summit, but no less spectacular. After acquaintance with the second peak and a short rest, the ascent continues.

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The path to the next summit is considered one of the most difficult on the entire Devil’s Trail, the local rocks are nicknamed “The Mountain of Suicide”, so you should be careful when climbing. After overcoming the difficulties you will find yourself on the summit called Sugarloaf, from where incredible landscapes also open.

The last point of the eastern route is Plateau, which is 3855 feet high. After visiting this peak, you are offered a walk along the route of the same name, which is a beautiful forest, here you will begin your descent, after which you will find yourself at a cozy camping area overlooking a small lake. On this route, the eastern direction will be completed. This route is suitable for experienced hikers who often go hiking.

The first summit of the Devil’s Path Indian Head

For those who prefer a less dangerous route, the western direction is suitable. There are fewer steep rocky surfaces than in the east. This path passes only one mountain peak, but it also has its own attractions with great views and a camping area.

In general, this type of recreation is suitable for active tourists and can surprise both those who are experienced in hiking and ready for a long journey and those who want to enjoy a pleasant outdoor recreation with a more relaxed route.

Kaaterskill Falls

Kaaterskill Falls

Kaaterskill is a 79-meter high two-stage waterfall, making it one of the tallest in New York. You can get to this place only using the Kaaterskill trail, which is the only road through the gorge and is an ascent of 650 meters. It is worth going there only in comfortable shoes, as the ascent is very steep and in some places passes through steep and rocky slopes.

This trail will be easy enough for experienced hikers but may seem challenging for beginners. However, if you observe safety precautions and be careful, the ascent to the waterfall will not cause you any inconvenience. This place is definitely worth a visit for nature lovers. It is ideal for a great holiday and does not consume much energy due to the short path length. Here you will have a great time and enjoy the unforgettable views of the wild.

Watkins Glen State Park

Chase Waterfalls at Watkins Glen State Park

This picturesque park is a great place to visit for anyone in New York State. In County Schuyler, near the village of the same name, Watkins Glen National Park is located, which is one of the most popular parks in the state. One of the most memorable places here is considered to be the gorge, which the Glen Creek cut through the rock for millennia, with a depth of 120 meters and a length of 400 meters.

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Not far from the village is the picturesque Seneca Lake, which gives this area a special flavor. From the very beginning of the journey, the park fascinates with its views. From the very bridge, you will find a path of 800 steps. The park has three connected terraces that allow you to view both from the bottom of the gorge and on its surface. Stone bridges and 19 cascading waterfalls will impress any visitor.

The Gorge Trail takes you through all 19 waterfalls and gives you access to the famous 180 steps called Jacob’s Ladder. Thanks to convenient stone paths, it is possible to view the entire area from several angles.

Jacob’s Ladder – Watkins Glen State Park

The park has everything that a traveler might be interested in. Here you can spend one day or stay in a campsite and extend the trip for several days. Also for visitors, there is a swimming pool, souvenir shop, snack bar, and playground. For outdoor enthusiasts, the park offers fishing, hunting, hiking, or bird watching. Visitors to Watkins Glen are provided with a quality, pleasant and memorable vacation for both children and adults.

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth Park is located in the western part of New York, not far from Buffalo, it is also nicknamed the “Great Canyon of the East”. This area is a system of natural parks, bridges, observation platforms. The whole area is surrounded by forests, and numerous streams flow down from the hills, thanks to which the area has become favorable for many species of animals. For comfortable observation of the landscapes and fauna of the gorge, there are observation platforms that hang over the abyss and fascinate with their views.

Also in the park, there are three waterfalls – Upper, Middle, and Lower, located in a cascade one after another. Behind them, you can see the old railway bridge leading from one side of the canyon to the other. Looking at him, you can feel like the hero of an adventure film and make a couple of memorable shots. Near Middle Falls, you will find the Glen Iris Inn, which has remained unchanged in its standards and service since the century before last. The ambiance of the hotel makes it seem like a journey into the past. There is also a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

The Upper Falls at Letchworth State Park

For lovers of fresh air, the park offers picnic areas and barbecue areas. Also, for those who want to visit a guided tour, there is an opportunity to go around the park by car, stopping in the most beautiful places, a short walk along the chosen path, and the final stop at a restaurant or picnic area.

Visitors themselves can choose and adjust the excursion program to their taste. A wonderful and memorable vacation spot with unforgettable views, suitable for visitors of all ages.

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