New York: The Metropolis of New York City Attracts Visitors From All Over the World

9:02 am  |  30.10.2021

Everything about this city is legendary – from the skyline to the shops to its fashion scene and the twinkling lights in Times Square. Regardless of your itinerary, these sights and shopping experiences should not be missed when visiting the Big Apple.

Macy’s in Herald Square

New York City is an absolute fashion capital. Anyone visiting this vibrant city should have a certain sense of style. Need a new look? There’s great fashion at Macy’s. 

Shopping at Macy’s in Herald Square is a unique experience: prepare yourself for a veritable deluge of clothing and a limitless selection of colors and styles. Fortunately, Macy’s at Herald Square has great advice to help you make a decision. Then the friendly staff at the Kiehl’s stand will help you with skincare free of charge. This is how you can find the products that best suit your skin type.

There are also several restaurants in Macy’s on Herald Square. The Stella 34, where you can get real Italian pizza and ice cream, is particularly popular. The ride in the wooden elevator is a unique experience.

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The Empire State Building

Thanks to the reliable local transport network and the pedestrian-friendliness of many attractions, you can get from A to B quickly in New York. Macy’s in Herald Square is just a few blocks from the Empire State Building, one of the city’s most legendary landmarks. The Empire State Building was once the tallest building in New York with its 103 floors. The viewing platforms on the 86th and 102nd floors offer sensational views and photo opportunities. The 360-degree panorama is simply breathtaking.

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By the way, from Brooklyn on the other side of the bridge, you have a spectacular view of the New York City skyline with the Empire State Building as a sparkling jewel in the middle.

Big Bus Sightseeing Tour

The overwhelming view from the Empire State Building needs to be digested first. No problem – the Big Bus sightseeing tour offers the optimal contrast program. Depending on the guide, the tours can vary a bit. Audio commentary is also available in other languages. 

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The hop-on / hop-off tour is particularly suitable for new Yorkers to get an overview, to reach the various landmarks in an uncomplicated way, and then to explore them more closely at your own pace. On the upper deck, you can lean back comfortably and enjoy the view without any hassle.

Times Square

Nowhere else in the city can the heartbeat of the metropolis New York City be felt as clearly as in Times Square. There are numerous restaurants and famous shops in the surrounding streets. You are sure to hear countless different languages ​​on the crowded sidewalks. Even after sunset, Times Square shines almost as brightly when it is illuminated at night as it does during the day. No wonder New York City is known as the city that never sleeps!

Flushing in New York City

The city is a melting pot of cultures. Immigrants from China, in particular, have found a new home in lively Flushing in the Queens district. Here you can enjoy authentic Asian dishes and visit some of the district’s interesting landmarks. Those who appreciate fresh food will be delighted by the numerous fruit and vegetable stalls in Flushing. The local Dip Dip Hot Pot is a real insider tip. The restaurant’s specialties include duck, beef, lamb, and fish. In addition, over 20 different small dishes are offered so that you can put together your own menu.

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Macy’s in Flushing

Close by Dip Dip Hot Pot is Macy’s in Flushing – right on Central Avenue. Of course, the personal service is the same as at Herald Square. However, this store reflects the style and cultural diversity of the environment in which it is located.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

After a busy day of shopping and a lot of feasting, a leisurely stroll through Flushing Meadows Corona Park is just what you need. The U.S. tennis championship takes place there every summer. Open, where the best tennis players from all over the world put their skills to the test. The park with its extensive green areas and pretty lakes has a huge fountain in the center. Another attraction is Unisphere: The huge sculpture in the form of a globe was erected in 1964 on the occasion of the world exhibition in New York. The locals also love their park with its carousel and children’s playground.

Attractions for the Whole Family

Are you traveling with children? There are some family-friendly attractions around the park. A worthwhile destination with children is z. B. the Queens Zoo. 

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The New York Hall of Science also offers entertainment for young and old. One of the highlights at the Queens Museum of Art is a sensational scale model of all of New York City. When you look at the countless buildings, bridges, and parks, you first realize how incredibly densely populated the city is.

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