NoHo: All the Highlights of the Beautiful Area in Lower Manhattan

6:31 pm  |  09.09.2021

As one of the smallest neighborhoods in New York City, NoHo in Lower Manhattan is one of the best underground music scenes in town. NoHo is a hip area with lots of great restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

There is really a lot to discover in NoHo, which is why we hope that this insider guide with the best things to do in NoHo will support you on your tour of discovery.

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What Does NoHo Actually Stand for?

Of course, we are often asked what NoHo actually means. The name NoHo comes from the term “North of Houston Street”. Similar to how SoHo is derived from “South of Houston Street”. The area is a landmark of New York City and a great place to explore the city away from the main tourist spots. Rents are high, which is why only high-income New Yorkers can afford to live in NoHo.

Top 5 Things to Do in NoHo NYC

Cooper Union – The Cooper Union is definitely a prestigious college in Manhattan. The private school has a very strict, really difficult selection process and only accepts 859 students annually.

The Hole – One of the best art galleries in the area with art from famous New York artist Kenny Scharf, among others.

Lafayette Grand Bakery – Probably the most famous French restaurant / café in the area and a must-go if you’ve always wanted to be cooked personally by Andrew Carmellini.

KITH Store – Be sure to stop by KITH in NYC and discover the latest sneakers and other hype-beast items that you will only find there.

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Public Theater – A theater with a lot of history. The Public Theater is an arts organization in New York City originally known as the Shakespeare Workshop (1954) by Joseph Papp.

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Visit the Cooper Union

The Cooper Union for “Advancement of Science and Art”, of course much more known than the “Cooper Union”, or “The Cooper Union” is located in Cooper Square in NoHo and is a private college right on the border with the East Village. The Cooper Union has recently voted one of the top 10 colleges again.

Placing directly behind MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Harvard gave the Cooper Union so-called Ivy League status. Undoubtedly, Cooper Union is one of the best schools in New York and it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the interesting-looking building.

For Art Lovers: Visit the Best Galleries in the Area

Place where people live, love, and create

NoHo is rich in large, well-known galleries that are definitely worth visiting. 

One of our favorites is “The Hole” on the Bowery. There you will find a fabulous selection of modern art from a very small select number of artists.

The Best Coffee Shops and Bakeries in NoHo

Please never leave NoHo without stopping by the Lafayette Grand Bakery. It’s a bit of France in the middle of New York. And we love it! Since Lafayette Grand Bakery is open in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, you can always go to the French restaurant and let the great ambiance work its magic on you.

By the way, our favorite dishes are the lemon pancakes, the chicken salad, and the egg sandwich. For dessert, we usually order fruit tartlets, which is what the restaurant is famous for. By the way, the chance of meeting a celebrity here is high.

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If you are not in France, NoHo is still full of other coffee shops and bakeries that invite you to take a short sightseeing break. Mingle with the locals and enjoy your coffee on a bench in front of the café. That’s what you do in NoHo, NYC.

Shopping in NoHo

Small boutiques, second-hand shops, and New York designers, all of this is part of shopping in NoHo. It’s not for nothing that the girls from Sex and the City have always shopped on Bleeker Street. A must-go, by the way, if you want to go shopping in NoHo.

By the way, you can find the latest trends and the most unusual sneakers at KITH. Rapper Drake also has a store in NoHo, NYC. You can also find “October’s Very Own” (OVO) on the Bowery. Shopping in NoHo is just as unusual as the area itself. By the way, you can feel the proximity to SoHo, which is one of the best areas in New York for shopping.

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See a Show in the Public Theater

The Public Theater in NoHo was founded by Joseph Papp in 1954 and was originally called the “Shakespeare Workshop”. In total there are five smaller theaters around the Public Theater.

The Anspacher Theater, LuEsther Hall, Martinson Theater, Newman Theater, and Shiva Theater are the best locations in New York for an Off-Broadway Show and other plays. Incidentally, Joe’s Pub on Astor Place is also part of the Public Theater.

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