Greenwich Village: Small but so Interesting

1:48 pm  |  23.05.2021

It is a large historical residential area located in the western part of Lower Manhattan in New York City. The New Yorkers also call the Village-Village District abbreviated. Greenwich Village is located on the banks of the Hudson and is bounded by Broadway to the east, Hawston to the south, and 14th Street to the north.

Greenwich Village is divided into West Village and East Village. Approximately in the middle of the Greenwich Village is Washington Square Park. The campuses and campuses of New York University are also located there. The quarter is predominantly inhabited by urban residents with above-average incomes. In the 1630s, the Dutch Mariners established a settlement on the Gdzon River, called Northwick, and in 1664, when the city came under British control, the town developed rapidly and its borders were almost as tight as New York City.

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Since 1713 the village has received its real name – Greenwich Village. Since the early 20th century, the area has been known as home to many prominent personalities, artists, writers, musicians, and politicians. In addition, the area gained fame through frequent pacifist actions held on its territory during the  First and Second World Wars. 

In the 1950s, the area became popular with beat-generation writers. Since the history of Greenwich Village dates back to the 17th century as a European village on Manhattan Island, its street layout is more random and the streets and alleyways are rather crooked, sharply distinguishing the area from the rest of Manhattan, which are predominantly strict perpendicular street grid.

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In addition, the streets of Greenwich Village tend to have the name, rather than the numbering, of areas located in Manhattan to the north. Greenwich Village is rich in old, low-floor buildings and architectural monuments from different periods of the district. 

Developments along Greenwich Avenue are dominated by 18th-century mansions, 19th-century townhouses are mostly located in the area of Washington Square Park and early-20th-century developments around Sixth Avenue. The interesting facts are that Greenwich Village played a leading role in the struggle of America’s sex minorities for their rights.

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Today, Christopher Street is home to the historic Stonewall Inn New York City Gay Bar, which is the starting point of the Sex Minorities of America’s struggle for their rights. Today, the New York LGBT Center is located in Greenwich Village.

Also in the area of Greenwich Village was located the first American music club «Café Society» which, since its opening, did not envisage a break-out division for both the musicians on the stage and the public attending the club. The Café Society has, throughout its existence, received a large number of American and European pop stars and other cultural figures both as performers and vacationers. 

Here, in Greenwich Village, at 44 Morton Street, lived for a long time the Soviet poet and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Brodsky.

Today, Greenwich Village is home to such famous people as Uma Thurman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Jacobs, and many others. The New York’s Halloween Parade – is the largest in the United States with more than two million members. The Pope of Greenwich Village, a feature film released in 1984 and won the American Film Academy award, Oscar added to the tourists’ attention to this already popular Manhattan neighborhood.

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A very cozy quarter of New York City in places, with its crooked and narrow streets, closely resembling old Europe. Passers-by are really walking around, and they don’t rush to do their thing like they do in other neighborhoods of New York. Be sure to walk along the streets of the district, you can without a certain route, just turn at random on any desired street, while remembering that what the street or the alley already, the more interesting it is. Walking along the Hudson Waterfront along with the Village on a warm, sunny day will also provide you with a lot of the most positive emotions.

Greenwich Village, Grove Street is home to one of the best French restaurants in New York – «Gastroteque Buvette». It is not even a restaurant in the full understanding of the word, it is rather small, and even a small wine bar, with a very small but delicious menu, in which there are no large portions, as the place is oriented primarily to wine. Even though the place is very popular – prices are rather moderate.

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During dinner from Thursday to Sunday it is difficult to get to the tables, no reservations are made, with a probability of 99% on the streets at that time there will be a queue of people waiting for the desired table to be released. Visit one of New York’s most beautiful neighborhoods and discover its rich history and admire the famous houses here during one of my fascinating tours of New York.

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