SoJo Spa in New Jersey: The Most Relaxed View of New York

3:31 pm  |  23.05.2022

Crossing the Hudson River from New York to New Jersey can be more rewarding than you think. For example, if you are looking for a relaxing yet special activity during your trip, the SoJo Spa may well be for you.

About SoJo Spa Club in Edgewater (NJ)

SoJo Spa offers you the ultimate wellness experience in the NY/NJ area. Spread over several floors you will find indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools, saunas, a cold waterfall, and some lounges to relax. The spa is really huge! If you want to do more than just relax in the pools and saunas, you can book various treatments (massages, etc.).

SoJo is best known for its infinity pool, which overlooks the Hudson River and Manhattan. From here you have a great view of the New York skyline.

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Even if you should feel hungry, we will take care of you. There is a cafe with a wide range of snacks. All in all, the spa offers you an all-around carefree package.

SoJo Spa Entrance Fees

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking views from here, you need a day pass to the spa. Once paid, you can stay as long as you like.

These are the prices:

  • Weekday: $60.
  • Weekend: $80.

With the day ticket, you can enter all pools, whirlpools, and saunas – and there are plenty of them! Unfortunately, admission does not include any extra treatments such as massages or facial care. If you are interested, be sure to book your appointment in advance.

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SoJo Spa

As you can see from the prices, a visit to the SoJo Spa is no bargain. However, visiting here can definitely be worth the money. The wellness center is, after all, one of the slightly more luxurious activities in the area. If you can, come on a weekday, because then it’s $20 cheaper. You can easily put the $20 in some tasty snacks or spend it on treatment. If you then really spend a few hours here, the price is not that bad anymore.

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Our Take On the SoJo Spa

For us, the visit to the SoJo Spa was something very special. Anyone who wants to relax properly is in good hands here. Of course, we like the view of Manhattan best. SoJo Spa is on Central Park level, but you can see as far as the Statue of Liberty. Depending on the season, you can have a completely different experience here. By the way, the spa is open 365 days a year! We are very much looking forward to our visit in the colder months.

We would recommend you to come on a weekday, not only because you save 1/4 of the entrance fee, but also because there is less going on during the week. We were there on a Saturday evening myself. It wasn’t really crowded at all, but next time we’d try to come during the week.

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All in all, a visit to the SoJo Spa in Edgewater is a great experience and allows you to take a short break from the sightseeing and hustle and bustle of New York without losing your connection to the city entirely. The view of Manhattan from here is fantastic!

How To Get to the SoJo Spa in NJ

Many of you are probably thinking that the spa is a bit far from NYC, but it’s not even that! It is located in Edgewater, just across the Hudson River. It takes around 25 minutes to get here. There is no subway or PATH connection, but neither are they necessary. The spa offers a free shuttle service. However, the shuttle must be reserved in advance by phone.

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If you don’t want to use the shuttle because you might want to explore the area, you can take the NJ Transit Bus on your own. Take line 158 from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan and travel 17 stops to River Rd Vreeland Terrace. The bus will drop you off directly across from the SoJo Spa. The journey takes about 25 minutes (without traffic jams!).

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