Scooter Ride with Revel in NYC: Moped Through Brooklyn & Queens

2:28 pm  |  12.04.2022

There are many ways to get around in New York: the subway, buses, bicycles, and, more recently, electric scooters (mopeds). Since the scooter trend is still relatively new, there are many questions about the topic. That’s why we’ve summarized all the important information and some helpful tips for you so that you can decide for yourself whether a scooter ride is for you!

How Does Revel Work?

Revel is a scooter provider in New York and Washington D.C. The rental works in a similar way to the CitiBike concept. As a user, all you need is an app to rent the vehicles. 

A big difference between the two providers, however, is that Revel is only represented in Brooklyn and Queens. You can’t drive in Manhattan. Compared to CitiBikes, there are no designated parking spots or docks for Revel scooters. You can park the scooter in any legal parking space, where the next driver will pick it up at some point. There are currently 1,000 Revel scooters in NYC.

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What’s Included?

Apart from the loaded scooter, you have at your disposal:

  • A phone holder.
  • Two helmets.
  • Hairnets.
  • Storage container.


1. Download the free Revel app to your phone.

2. Fill out the form (a photo of your driving license is required).

3. Wait until you receive an email confirming your activation.

Revel – Step By Step

  • Locate: Opens the app and finds the nearest scooter on the map.
  • Reserve: Once reserved, you have 15 minutes to find the scooter and start it. If you don’t get there on time, the reservation just expires and someone else could snag the electric scooter.
  • Unlock: Choose the number of people and activate the electric scooter.
  • Getting ready: That means putting on helmets and preparing for navigation. We recommend the Waze app for this. Unfortunately, the Revel app does not include navigation. Since you are not allowed to drive on highways or bridges, change your preferences to automatically avoid highways.
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As with renting a car, you should make sure that the scooter is not damaged. Any damage must be reported via the app.

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Start Ride: Enjoy the Ride and Be Careful.

  • Parking: The app provides precise instructions on how to park the scooter.
  • End Ride: Put your helmets back, close the compartment, and click End Ride.

We would even suggest taking a picture of the electric scooter after you finish the ride. You are liable for the vehicle for up to 24 hours after parking. We’ve never had a problem, but we like to be on the safe side. 

Revel Prices


Revel’s pricing is simple. You pay a one-time fee of $1 for each trip, followed by $0.25 per minute. Here is a more detailed breakdown:

  • Registration = $19.
  • Ride activation = $1 – 2 (depending on the number of passengers).
  • Fee while driving = $0.25 / minute.
  • Fee for parking without ending the ride = $0.10 / minute.

Real Price Example

For a better understanding, here is a real price example for a ride with Revel in NYC. Recently we were in Brooklyn and drove from DUMBO to Cobble Hill.

Ride Details:

1.4 miles

20 minutes

2 persons

= $7

The total price consists of the activation $2 fee for two people and the time fee of $5 ($0.25 x 20 minutes).

It is worth mentioning here that the cost per person decreases with two drivers. $7 for two people equals $3.50 per person. So, overall, the price is slightly higher than a single subway ride ($2.75). Still, the Revel scooters can often be faster than the subway and, in our case at least, a lot more fun.

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By the way: An Uber X for the same route would cost around $9.34.


Are scooters dangerous in New York?

Riding a scooter in New York can be quite dangerous. To minimize the risk, please only ride if you feel comfortable doing so. If you’re new to scooters, check out a free Revel training session. However, even as an experienced scooter rider, driving in New York can be intimidating. Scooters are easier to miss and in New York, lanes often change from one second to the next. Whether on foot, by bike, or by scooter – always be careful. The Revel helmets come in two sizes: large and small.

Do I need a driver’s license to rent a Revel scooter?

Yes, registration requires a photo of both sides of your valid driver’s license. Shortly after the exam, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

How fast can a Revel scooter go?

The electric scooters are throttled at 30 mph. That’s almost 50 km/h.

How many people fit on a Revel scooter?

You can ride a scooter for two. Each Revel is equipped with two helmets.

Is it hygienic to use Revel Roller?

The helmets are shared with other users. In the storage case, you will find hairnets that you can put on before you put on the helmet.

What if you leave the valid zone?

We asked ourselves the same thing and tried it! The vehicle does not trigger an alarm and does not stop when you leave the zone. However, ending a ride outside the zone will result in a hefty fine.

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