Highlights at the Jersey Shore: Listen to The Atlantic Ocean

11:37 am  |  07.04.2022

In order to escape the troubles of New York City’s everyday life, it goes out for many locals on the weekends and during the holidays from the city. Many of our friends pull it into the Hamptons, our retreat is the Jersey Shore.

Only 90 minutes outside the big city metropolis of New York City is a lot to discover and experience at the Jersey Shore. Great beaches, first-class restaurants, amusement parks for the big and small, open-air concerts, and much more.

How To Get There

We usually drive by car, which takes about 90 minutes. Incidentally, this is not only the fastest but also the cheapest option if you have a car available. However, there are also great bargains at the rental car rental company, which can be particularly worthwhile as a group.

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If you want to go from NYC by train to Jersey Shore, the North Jersey Coast Line moves directly from the Penn Station and brings you to Jersey Shore in about 2 hours.

Cost: $ 16.75 per person.

Our tip is a rental car. Leave the city very early in the morning to avoid the traffic, which can be very strong on weekends. The journey takes about 90 minutes (without traffic).

Of course, there is also the possibility to get to the Jersey Shore bus. From Port Authority at 42nd Street in Manhattan, buses go to Jersey Shore several times a day. In most cases, you would also have to continue with the over or taxi. These are the different options for traveling by bus to Jersey Shore:

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Until Mantoloking Beach / Brick Township: Bus 137, to Asbury Park and Belmar: Bus 130 towards Union Hill and then change to Bus 836 towards Asbury Park (to Belmar it goes for you with another transfer to the train of North Jersey Coast Line in the direction of Bay Head.

Cost: $ 15 per person.

From 22 May to September 22, you can also make it comfortable on the ferry, which brings you to Sandy Hook and the Atlantic Highlands, as well as to Cape May.

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The Seastreak Ferry departs from Wall Street Terminal in Manhattan. If you continue to travel to Sandy Hook or the Atlantic Highlands, you should also resort to over or taxi at this point.

Cost: $ 27 per person.

One Day and a Night in Belmar


Belmar is the typical party port on the Jersey Shore and exudes a lot of typical Jersey Shore characters. Over the years, the audience has always become younger, which is why the reputation as a “party high castle” is hardly indispensable.

One day in Belmar is not only shaped by parties and cocktails. On the day you relax on the white sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and in the evening is then celebrated.

Incidentally, Belmar Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the Jersey Shore. Not the most beautiful in our view, but still very popular with the locals. If you do not want to experience Belmar too crowded, you plan your day trip on a weekday.

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Visit the Most Beautiful Stalls at the Jersey Shore

Beach view

The Jersey Shore Biete is The most beautiful beach on the East Coast of the USA. So do not forget the bath towel and the sunscreen. The perfect recovery from New York City’s everyday life is a day on the beach for us. 

Unfortunately, the visit to the beach is not free of charge here. It is still worth it.

An absolute insider, if you are looking for a quiet beach day: Mantoloking Beach near Brick Township. Surrounded by the most expensive villas in the area whose bedrooms all show more, it feels like a private beach, but nobody is. The beach pass ($ 10) is available at the nearby fire station. On the beach itself, this is then only presented. There are no toilets or meals.

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If Mantoloking Beach sounds too quiet and boring for you and you prefer to seek something live music, DJs, and party around you, Asbury Park is the right address. The beach in Asbury is very full, but you also have more options for restaurants, shopping, and other activities such as mini-golf.

The day passes for a day on the beach in Asbury costs $ 5 on weekdays; $ 7 on weekends and public holidays. Children are free until the age of 12 years.

If you are traveling with children, we recommend you to visit Point Pleasant Beach. Here are different beaches such as Jenkinson’s, Martell’s, Bradshaw’s, RISDEN’S, AND MARYLAND AVENUE. Each of these beaches is worthwhile. Many families pull it to Point Pleasant due to the adjoining small amusement park. The day pass for the stalls in Point Pleasant costs $ 9 on weekdays, $ 10 on weekends and public holidays as well as for children from 12 years.

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