Truths and Myths About New York: Breaking Down Movie Stereotypes

4:52 pm  |  24.02.2022

Cinema has given the world many films about New York. Along with the paintings, viewers received several enduring myths about life in this metropolis.

Coffee and Fresh Rolls for Breakfast

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly, the heroine of the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, preferred a croissant and coffee to go for breakfast. Cooking was clearly not for this resident of the Big Apple – she used the refrigerator as a closet and store shoes in it.

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New Yorkers really rarely cook, preferring restaurants and takeaway food. There are a huge number of establishments in the metropolis – they say that to try all the cuisines of the world, it is enough to visit New York. The reason for this phenomenon is simple – there are a lot of migrants in the city who open restaurants with authentic dishes. Even within the same street, you can find restaurants for every taste.

If a New Yorker regularly goes somewhere for lunch, he prefers different places: today a French restaurant, tomorrow a Filipino restaurant, the day after tomorrow a Thai restaurant, and so on. Residents of the city love variety, which is not the case, for example, in San Diego and Los Angeles – the trend towards Mexican cuisine prevails there, and everyone is obsessed with it.

A rare New Yorker cooks breakfast at home, he is more likely to take pastries and coffee-to-go in a coffee shop, which are very numerous in the city. Or prefer granola yogurt, if he adheres to the principles of a healthy diet. For brunch – brunch – New Yorkers like to make egg dishes with avocados and muffins for dessert in cafes.

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Spacious Apartments


The series taught us that New Yorkers live in large-scale apartments. The heroes of the sitcom “Friends” rent spacious apartments with large living rooms. The characters of the series “How I Met Your Mother” are no less lucky – they also have a huge living room, a couple of bedrooms, a kitchen, and access to a luxurious roof.

In fact, the average housing in New York is not impressive in size. Apartments are insanely small, and real estate is a sore point for city dwellers and visitors: everything is small and very expensive. The housing issue is so acute that a lot of memes on this topic have appeared on the Internet in recent years.

At the same time, the situation when friends share one apartment for several people, occupy different bedrooms, and meet in the living room for dinner is normal. The thing is that Americans do not perceive the living room as a separate room – for them, it is another non-residential space on a par with the kitchen and hallway.

Taxi City

Home Alone

There is an opinion that in New York everyone travels by taxi. The characters in “How I Met Your Mother” did it so often that a Bangladeshi driver named Ranjit almost became one of their company. The movie gives the impression that yellow checkered cars are something no New Yorker can survive without.

Typical New York is the subway. In general, almost no one has personal cars in the city, with the exception of those who live outside the city or far from Manhattan, for example, in New Jersey. The reason is that cars in New York are very difficult to park – the city is designed in such a way that it is almost impossible.

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Residents of the city prefer taxis to the subway. This is the most convenient way to get to the right place, it covers the entire city, and the stations are located close, they are very easy to find – literally on every block.

Everyone uses the subway in New York – you can meet Wall Street guys, tourists, and officials there. There are a lot of musicians and artists in the passages – by changing trains, you can get to 3-4 free performances. And the stories that the mayor may turn out to be a neighbor in the car are absolutely true.

Eternal Parties

Sex and the City

The heroines of the “Sex and the City” series easily made new acquaintances and spent almost every evening in clubs, bars, and restaurants. New York is truly amazing in how quickly you can find and make new friends. In any cafe, you can easily meet rich, successful and interesting people of various professions. 

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The situation is completely different, for example, in Los Angeles – their people are more closed and distinguished by snobbery. When meeting, they, first of all, evaluate a person, analyzing how useful he can be to them and whether it is worth spending time on this communication. Perhaps the reason is that in New York it is easy to be at the right time in the right place – people are often in society, they walk a lot. In other cities of America, this is almost impossible – everyone travels by car and the probability of a casual acquaintance is very low.

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Nightlife in New York is very active – it really is a city that never sleeps. If establishments across America close at one in the morning, then in New York everything works around the clock – you can find a party on any day of the week.

Busiest days: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This is due to the fact that Friday is a day off in American universities, students study only four days a week. Therefore, young people begin to relax from Thursday, plus a huge number of tourists and wealthy businessmen come to the city on weekends, many just to party and overspend.

But, of course, a rare ordinary New Yorker can afford to be in the club every day – he works hard. Residents of the city love to work and even brag about the fact that they work 60 hours a week, although in any other city in America people do not understand such efforts.

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