Tips for New York: Food as at Grandmother

11:29 am  |  23.02.2022

Anyone who wants to make a detour to Asia without leaving America buys a ticket for the affiliated “Chinese Scholar’s Garden” for five dollars. All elements of the garden come from the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou or were made there. Even the stones are imported, which line the small paths. Everything to create the most authentic Chinese garden experience.

The attempt seems to be successful – at least hold the Asian tour groups exploring the Scholar’s Garden on Tuesday afternoon, all details with their mobile cameras. From the small bamboo over the carved wooden doors to the ponds where Koi carp swim.

A bit of Asia in America: The “Chinese Scholar’s Garden” in Snug Harbor. (Photo: Imago / Xinhua)

The park in the northeast of Staten Island is best to reach by bus (Lines S40, S44). Who wants, can also do an extensive walk there; More than a colorful wholesale market for fruits, vegetables and flowers should not be expected on the roadside.

Enoteca Maria

Real Italian cooking with the ‘Nonnas’ who know it best 

The interior is a matter of taste, the concept of “Enoteca Maria” but extremely charming: Instead of professional chefs, grandmothers are at the stove every day. The question of how he came to the idea for his restaurant says owner Jody Scaravella: “Grief.” When his parents and grandparents died within a short time, he was looking for a way to bring himself back a piece of family. “I wanted to create this feeling that you have when the grandma has cooked at home and come together the whole family to eat.”

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Every evening a different hobby is at the stove and prepares a specialty from your home country. Mariella from Venezuela, Diana from Palestine, Dolly from Sri Lanka. The love, the Scaravellas “Nonnas of the World” in each court, arrives at the guest. The newly baked focaccia, which is served as a free appetizer, is so good that you could go home happy without having tried another gear.

National Lighthouse Museum

Let’s be honest: Sightseeing a lighthouse museum is not up to the agenda at a New York visit. Even if it is just a five-minute walk from the ferry center. But when Americans can do something really good, then surprise: the passion with which an employee Bobby explains the terrain on the basis of a plastic folder, must not hide from that of a Moma curator.

In the museum, there are countless lighthouse miniatures from all gentlemen to admire countries. It is explained why the external appearance of a tower was just as important as a strong lens. And outstanding lighthouse hostel personalities are portrayed.

Flagship Brewery

From Brooklyn to State Island – the New Yorkers are proud of their beer culture. A personalized leadership through the brewery is only available for prior registration – as compensation for this small planning effort, the subsequent tasting is included in the entrance fee of five dollars.

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Who needs a basis: Quasi on the way is the St. George Greenmarket, every Saturday farm market. Attention, just something for early risers: The market closes at 14 o’clock!

So strengthened – and recovering mentally – the scratches for the crossing back to Manhattan can then be better. Besides, you know: everyone comes to the boat.

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Tip: The journalist couple Christina Horsten and Felix Zeltner lived with his little daughter in the past 14 months every month in another New York district – the penultimate station was Staten Island.

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