9 Most Exciting Places to Explore and Experience In New York

9:17 am  |  15.02.2021

Every individual who comes to New York for the first time would like to explore the city in the most efficient way. Consequentially, it is crucial to outline places that will allow any person to experience New York in the best possible way and keep wonderful memories for the rest of your life. Here are the nine ways that will allow getting the best impressions of the city.

Stature of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is probably the most famous place in New York hence this is definitely the number one place on every visitor’s list. People can take a tour or travel there on their own. The statue is located on Liberty Island, so it will be important to take a ferry. It is suggested to take a trip in the early morning in order to get the most out of it and to have plenty of time.

The trip can be combined with a visit to Ellis Island. When visiting the Statue of Liberty an upgrade package can be selected by getting inside the pedestal. People can enjoy the impeccable view of the whole city and especially Manhattan.

The tours to the Statue of Liberty are usually combined with a visit to Ellis Island where the museum of immigration is located. It was New York, which has always been the center for the immigration process, which allows the country to prosper and evolve as it is, so this is definitely the must-have option. The tour to the Stature and Ellis island start from an average of USD 24.00-49.00 and the upgrade package can be picked up too. People can travel on their own by taking the express tour on the boat, which will allow managing their time in the way it is needed.

One world observatory

There could not be more exciting than to get on the tallest building in New York and see the surrounding from the very top. The views of the city are truly magnificent as the whole of Manhattan will be seen as the back of your hands. People can enjoy an outstanding panorama, which demonstrates who the city has been evolving and compare to what is seen right now. The virtual skyline demonstrates how the place has been transformed over the centuries. It is recommended to visit the observatory on a good sunny day so that the views will be absolutely magnificent.

It is located on the 102 floors of the building where visitors can get on the comfortable elevator. There are a couple of packages that visitors can enjoy such as skipping the queue as well as flexible admission. Both packages allow to upgrade admission class and get the most out of the trip. The observatory is undoubtedly the place to visit in the city and thanks to the panorama of the virtual skyline, individuals can definitely experience the best of New York.

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Bus hop-on and Hop-off sightseeing tour

The most courageous exploration of the city can be done via the use of Hop-On and Hop-Off bus tour. It is also a very convenient way to travel across the city for any tourist. The route and 30 bus stops lie in the most lucrative locations with the most important attractions.

People can get themselves a daily ticket and travel for the whole day. Individuals may get on the bus and off at any station. There will be no need to sit in traffic jams as the bus moves on a separate bus lane. The transport goes with an approximate frequency of 20 minutes between each bus.

Visitors can experience the astonishing views of New York from a double-decker and visit the most desired places to get the best impressions of the city. The tour is accompanied by a professional commentary, so any person will find lots of things about New York and attractions that are passed by whilst being on the way. The speech is made in all major languages, so no matter where the visitor comes from, they will understand everything that I said.

Manhattan Island cruise

There is no doubt that one of the best views of the city is opened up from the water. For that reason, visitors may choose to get a cruising water trip around Manhattan. The trip is organized by Circle Line and features the water trip around the island of Manhattan. People can enjoy an excellent view of New York from different locations. Lots of attractions will be passed by on the way, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty as well as the city’s skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, and plenty of other famous places.

Whilst on the trip, people will be entertained by live commentaries as well as will be able to enjoy various drinks and snacks. There are two decks on the vessel, so every individual may enjoy fresh air or get inside to get more protection. The views are magnificent and people are guaranteed the best sightseeing experience.

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The Empire State Building

This is the iconic place to see and visit in New York. For many years the Empire state building has been regarded as the tallest building in the city. Nowadays, it occupies second place after the One World Trade Center, which has topped the Empire state building several years ago. People can enjoy the lights of the icon attraction in the evening and during the night. It is indeed a captivating show with millions of lightning combinations that can be associated with certain events that happen in America or in the world.

Visitors can also get to the top to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. The observation deck is treated as one of the best in New York hence this attraction is definitely a must-have on the visitor’s list. Although the queue is long, it really worth getting to the top. People can also enjoy bars and restaurants and have plenty of good time during the visit.

The Time Square

The coolest thing about visiting Time square is that any person can go there at any time and it is absolutely free. A visitor can get there during the daylight and experience the atmosphere of the cosmopolitan city. The most entertaining part is to go there during the late evening and night hours when the lights are on and everything is colorful, exciting, and considered to be a metaphor for New York.

Virtually any amusement that can be found in a city center is located on Time Square. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels cinemas, etc. Tourists can simply go for a walk and never be bored because the nightlife in this place goes down to the wire all the time. New York is closely associated with Time Square and this is definitely the place to go to if the city to be enjoyed fully and the best impressions are needed.


Broadway is not only an outstanding place for sightseeing with lots of colorful lights and a wonderful atmosphere in general. All the major musical theatres are located down there and if a visitor would like to explore the cultural New York life fully, this is a place that people should go to. Outstanding performances are shown every evening and night. The place is clearly regarded as the heart and soul of the American theatre.

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The prices on performances may vary and it is also different whether this is an evening or a night performance. Broadway and New York are synonymous, so even certain visitors are not prepared to attend one of the shows, it is certainly important at least to take a walk and get the best of the city’s atmosphere. There are lots of cafes and restaurants in the area, so having a cup of coffee in one of the cafes or having a diner in a restaurant will be a great idea.

Central Park

Central Park is located in the center of Manhattan with all the lucrative commercial and residential properties are located alongside it. It officially opened in 1876 and since that it has always been one of the most popular places for local residents and for the visitors who would like to get the best out of New York. There are plenty of different amusements and attentions that people can enjoy either for free or for a sensible fee. There is the ice-skating ring that can be enjoyed during the wintertime, a band shell, the zoo, plenty of sporting fields, and places for children to play.

People can simply take a walk or take a trip on a bicycle or roller skates. The terrain of Central park is purely outstanding and perceived as a sheer achievement in artificial landscaping. There are several ponds, fountains, hundreds of sculptures and monuments, which all make the place very special and really amusing.

Fifth Avenue

Indeed, there are places in every city that are associated with a great shopping experience. The Fifth Avenue in New York is the place with the most outstanding stores, shopping malls, and boutiques. The avenue lies right in the heart of Manhattan with the most desired stores such as Tiffany &Co, Bergdorf Goodman, or Van Cleef & Arpels as well as many others. This is also the place to experience and explore the best out of New York.

Even people are not prepared to take their card and shop in a big way, this is definitely the place to experience outstanding cosmopolitan city atmosphere and simply go for a walk. There are lots of entertainment in the area and any visitor can also take a sit in a local café or a restaurant. The views are magnificent and the surroundings are excellent. Fifth Avenue is perceived as a posh place and the price tag in its stores is pretty high.

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