Is It Really True: Nine Things to Avoid in New York

3:41 pm  |  31.03.2022

It’s always worth a visit: the city that is said to never sleep. In order not to get lost in the urban jungle, it is better to leave some things alone.

Never been to New York? The city that never sleeps? The “Concrete Jungle”? Not even in autumn? Well, anthems were sung on the “Big Apple” will come to your mind enough. And if you happen to be in the process of preparing for your trip, the list of sightseeing recommendations from friends and acquaintances should long since exceed the set holiday time frame. At this point, we will help you with tips of a different kind when preparing for your trip.

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In order not to fall from one trap into the next, we searched the relevant forums of the travel community TripAdvisor. What advice and tips do travelers give other travelers? What is the warning about? Here are nine things they say are best left behind in New York’s urban jungle.

1. Order Bottled Water

Bottled Water

… unless you want to drink sparkling mineral water. In New York, ordering tap water is not only common and safe, it’s also free. “Tap water” is the magic word for free refreshment.

2. Stay in Manhattan


For lack of time: ok! But fear shouldn’t and shouldn’t stop anyone from visiting neighborhoods outside of Manhattan. Even if you shouldn’t necessarily hang around in the darkest corners at night: New York is now a very safe city, and the New Yorkers are a very helpful little city people.

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3. Don’t Go to Williamsburg


Yes, for example, you have to leave Manhattan: In order not to miss the culinary experience that Williamsburg Food Market offers – here you will find all kinds of hip, local dishes, and beers … ok, now we have a “must-do” tucked away under the don’ts – we just want to make sure it’s on your to-do list.

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4. Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

New York is big. It’s a lot bigger than you think. And also worth seeing. Instead of wearing your most beautiful shoes, you should definitely wear your most comfortable shoes in order to be able to explore the urban jungle running and pain-free.

5. Want to See Everything

Say goodbye to the illusion of being able to see EVERYTHING. You won’t make it. Not in a week, not in two, let alone a weekend. The way out of this dilemma? Come back! New York is really always worth a trip. Just start with the absolute classics, which are at the top of the guidebook.

6. Running from Museum to Museum

American Museum of Natural History 

If you spend your entire stay in New York’s (admittedly great) museums, you’re missing out on something – namely the real New York, the city, its flair, its residents. Get yourself a digestible dose of one or two of the massive collections, and allow plenty of time to wander the city’s streets and parks and be amazed. If that still doesn’t convince you, go back to point number five.

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7. Buy Musical Tickets in Advance


You can save a lot of money if you take all your spontaneity and a pinch of risk-taking together: Don’t buy musical tickets in advance, but see what’s available at the box office. Tickets are often available for half the price.

8. Forget the Winter Coat in Winter

As warm as New York is in summer, it is cold in the city in winter – and even colder. The wind that whistles through the long, straight streets is tough. The city has also experienced much snow chaos. So if you fly across the pond for Christmas shopping, don’t forget to pack warm things – like onion skins, since many department stores and restaurants are very well heated and you can quickly adapt yourself and your outfit to your surroundings.

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9. “Downtown” Instead of “Uptown” – and Vice Versa

In New York, you ride the subway. These in turn drive in exactly two directions – “uptown” and “downtown” – which is not always immediately apparent. In addition to the correct direction, special attention should be paid to whether you are boarding a “local” train or an “express” train. The latter only stops at a few of the excellent stations. A closer look at the timetable to see if the train is going to your station is worthwhile if you don’t want to spend all the time in the “underground” of the city.

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