Architecture Boat Tour Around New York: Beautiful 2.5h Boat Tour With Drinks and Small Snacks

2:24 pm  |  01.05.2022

As you know, we are big fans of boat tours in and around New York because they are not only super relaxing but also offer you wonderful photo motives and perspectives of the skyline, Statue of Liberty, or the Brooklyn Bridge. What makes this tour so special and whether we can recommend you to you, you can see here.

The architecture boat tour is organized by the Aiany architectural group, which has the goal of telling the many small and large stories behind the buildings in New York. Let’s start at the pier 62 to the Chelsea Piers, beautifully situated at the Hudson River (height of the 22nd street). From a guide, you will learn everything interesting one of the most diverse buildings that happened to her on the tour (it’s over 150).

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Where are the Tickets for the Boat Tour?

Take your identity card or passport for validation

We have previously purchased the tickets for the boat tour on this page because the squares are limited and the tour is very popular. The vouchers for the tickets we had also printed on our mobile phones. At the ticket desk, they were then exchanged against the real tickets – but only, after presenting our ID.

Boarding is 5 minutes before departure, because the weather was so good, we set ourselves right on the benches on the outside deck. But you can also take place in the ship – since we did not cremate, we have a great sunburn the next day to the reward.

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Impressions of Manhattan II

The ship itself is none of the classic modern sightseeing boats, but a beautiful wooden ship that sprayed the charm of the 1920s.

On the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty


Already at the first meters, you can see the many skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan on the horizon, especially the One World Trade Center. On the way there you rock relaxed over the waves, past the Hudson Yards, where the highest viewing platform of New York is created, the Chelsea Piers, the Hudson River Park, and the Brookfield Place at the North Cove Marina (here the boat tours start with the Two Master Shearwater). Properly impressive than the southern tip of Manhattan, as you see in the pictures. Then it continued towards the Statue of Liberty – which we could then burst with a glass of white wine in the hand. The first drink is in the price of the tour with it – just like the small snacks, which there was later.

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East River to the North Peak Manhattan, Brooklyn & Bronx

The architecture boat tour is now taking on the way, because on the long way to the northern tip of Manhattan island you drive you not only under 20 bridges such as the Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan Bridge (some are over 100 years old!), But also on the Roosevelt Iceland and the United Nations building. The landscape walks every 10 minutes – until you are in the middle of nature: the East River meets the Hudson River and really nothing reminds you of the million metropolia New York.

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George Washington Bridge and Hudson River

Hudson River

From here, the architecture boat tour returns to the starting point. On the way, it passes the George Washington Bridge, The Cloisters, the Riverbank State Park, and the pier for the cruise ships. If you have luck, one of the big ships can be seen at the terminal (as with us).


The architecture boat tour starts at Pier 62, takes a little more than 2.5 hours, and is very popular – that’s why it’s quick to hit a free appointment.

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