Best Highlights on the Jersey Shore: What To Do There?

3:56 pm  |  08.04.2022

Where to see the perfect coastline and enjoy the ocean? Come to New Jersey. We have already written about how to get here. We continue to introduce you to the best places on Jersey Shore.

Experience the Special Charm of Asbury Park

Do you happen to remember the Bruce Springsteen album from 1973 called “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.”? Great musicians such as Bruce Springsteen have made Asbury one of the most attractive locations on the Jersey Shore when it comes to concerts, festivals, and open-air events. “Music makes Asbury Asbury,” say locals.

With many bars, restaurants, and rooftop bars right on the famous boardwalk by the sea, Asbury attracts thousands of visitors in the summer. From the 1970s through the 2000s, Asbury saw a significant shift. It was once the place for the rich and famous from New York and the surrounding area, but this slowly but steadily decreased. Many memories of that time remain, such as the Convention Hall, home of the Paramount Theater, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

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Today you can find shops, coffee shops, beach bars, and restaurants there. The old casino from back then is still preserved and is also reminiscent of the “old” Asbury Park. Asbury is hip and the Williamsburg of the Jersey Shore, if you will. The Boardwalk offers its visitors very good seafront restaurants, shopping, mini-golf, a small water park for the kids, ice cream shops, and much more.

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Incidentally, the Ocean Club recently opened. A new luxury hotel with sea views, pools, spa, and high-end restaurants. Cost around $450 per night.

When in Asbury these are the best restaurants/bars to visit:

  • Festhalle & Biergarten Rooftop Bar (Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten, 527 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ) With around 31 different beers, you can spend an entire afternoon here. The Rooftop Bar offers great views over the Atlantic Ocean and the whole Asbury Park area.
  • The Stone Pony (The Stone Pony, 913 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ, USA) Love music? Then this is the right place for you. It was once home to Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi in ​​the 70s and 80s and it still hosts some of the area’s best concerts and live events.
  • The Wonder Bar (The Wonder Bar, Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ, USA) Asbury Park is a very dog-friendly area. The Wonder Bar is a bar for man’s best friends. As a tourist, you will certainly not have a dog with you, but if you just want to mingle with the locals and their pets and preferably like dogs, you will appreciate the Wonder Bar.

What else is there to do in Asbury Park? After a day exploring Asbury, grab your beach towel and enjoy a bonfire on the beach. The so-called bonfires take place weekly on Friday evenings at 7 p.m. from June to September. Wednesdays (only in July and August) at 8:00 p.m.

Visit Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant

Jenkinson’s Aquarium

One of the highlights of the Jersey Shore for families and kids is a visit to Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant. Located directly on the famous Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, which stretches almost 2 kilometers along the Atlantic Ocean, the aquarium is the ideal place for the little ones. Opened in 1991, you can spend around two hours here admiring the penguins, turtles, rays, and much other fish of the world’s oceans.

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On the Boardwalk itself, be sure to try Hoffman’s Ice Cream. A Jersey Shore institution since 1976 for its signature flavors.

But Point Pleasant also has a lot to offer for the adults: Don’t miss the Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant “Martell’s”, which is located directly on the beach. Here people dance, drink, and celebrate life.

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