New York City Rental Benefits: Elder Care, Airbnb, and Alternative Contracts

4:02 pm  |  30.12.2023

Typically, when renting a home in New York, the tenant pays 1-2 months’ rent to the realtor and also pays a deposit for 3-6 months of living. But there are tricks that will help you settle in under more favorable conditions.

Caring for the Elderly and Pets

This option is suitable for those who can spare time to care for an elderly person or the homeowner’s dog. Similar offers appear on message boards from time to time.

You’ll have to walk the dog every day or spend a few hours a day caring for an elderly person, and you’ll also pay approximately $700-$900 per month, which is a fairly affordable cost. Sometimes your responsibilities may be spelled out in the lease agreement, which covers all care scenarios in which you are involved.

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Among the disadvantages, in addition to the obvious, it should be noted that such advertisements appear infrequently. If you really want this option, you will have to actively monitor the listings for 4-6 weeks to find the right offer. In addition, the room offered may not be located in the area that suits you.

Supervised Room

This option is suitable for single people who are ready to take care of an elderly person or the homeowner’s pet. While these types of offers aren’t as common, browsing ads for 4-6 weeks can help you find inexpensive options starting at $700-$900 per month. Responsibilities are often specified in the lease agreement.

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Disadvantages: Irregularity of the appearance of such offers, possible inconvenience with the location.

Alternative to Airbnb

Ideal for families. Airbnb offers studios, apartments, and houses that are well-renovated and furnished. By renting for a month, you will save on a realtor and a deposit, even taking into account the 20-40% overpayment compared to the daily rate.

Disadvantages: Inability to renew the lease, the need for an SSN, and time to register with Airbnb.

Alternative Contracts

Some realtors offer the option of renting a home if the current tenant is forced to terminate the contract. One month in advance, you are given the opportunity to take advantage of an existing contract.

Disadvantages: Unclear reasons for the eviction of the current tenant, the possibility of short-term rental, need to convince the landlord of your solvency.

Regardless of the option you choose, it is important to be prepared for the specifics and constantly monitor your ads for the best results.

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Tip: Choosing accommodation near the metro Choose accommodation near a metro station to avoid problems with transport during rush hours. Buses and parking lots may not be able to cope with the traffic, and we all strive to get to work in an hour, not 2.5 hours.

Hostel Advantages:

  • Payment one week in advance.
  • Solvent neighbors.
  • The hostel administration resolves conflicts.

Social Bonuses:

  • Dating: first home – first friends.
  • Neighbors can be a source of advice on work, professional, and legal matters.
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Convenient Location:

  • Selection of hostel locations near the metro and shopping facilities.
  • Saving time on the way home.

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No Extra Costs:

  • No checks or broker fees.
  • The need to pay a broker, show a W2 form, or provide an SSN is not required upon move-in.

Choosing accommodation is key, and the hostel provides a number of amenities, ensuring a comfortable start in a new place without unnecessary worries and financial costs.

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