Travel Guide: 7 Most Interesting New York Road Trips

8:33 am  |  25.11.2020

The United States is a large country geographically; therefore, the distances between settlements are very impressive. New York is an independent metropolis with a lot of entertainment for every taste, but it so happens that there is a desire to explore the country outside its cultural capital, and then the question arises where you can go from New York.

Today in our article, we decided to consider possible answers to this question, especially since the US transport system is very developed, and you can reach any point by at least several modes of transport. The easiest way is to rent a car since it is road transport in the United States that firmly occupy the first positions in the ranking of the most used transport. If for some reason a car as a means of transportation is unacceptable for you, then the wave can move by airplanes, trains, or buses.

New Jersey

For most New Yorkers, the neighboring state is attractive for its numerous beaches, but there are also very, very unusual and interesting parks and entertainment.

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Where to go from New York for a couple of days. New Jersey

The park closest to Manhattan is a fully revived Jurassic Sanctuary, Dinosaur Field Station (40 Fort Lee Rd, Leonia, NJ 07605, 25 minutes by car). Here, in a large field, more than thirty dinosaurs freely walk, fly, eat grass and constantly growl, communicating with each other. Around them are biologists’ tents, cisterns with the inscription “dinosaur food” and research laboratories. The figures of dinosaurs are covered with high-quality rubber (does not melt and does not smell in the heat), life-size, and with all the anatomical details known to modern dinosaur science. At the entrance to the park, children are given so-called “explorer’s passports”.

For attending educational and entertainment classes, they put a stamp in the passport: after collecting all the stamps, you get a sticker. There are six classes in total, they last about twenty minutes, entertaining and interesting, so the children will not get bored with them. The class schedule is also given at the entrance. The ticket price starts from $ 15.50, for the additional money you will be given a piece of compressed sand, in which you can find real fossils. In the large tent, you can watch a 3D movie, and there are picnic tables nearby (you can bring your own food or buy here). The only negative is that the park is located on a large open field, and on hot days it is almost impossible to find shade here.

A Family Day Out: Diggerland, Kent | Alex Gladwin

Top 7 places to travel from New York. Diggerland

Diggerland is one of the most amazing amusement parks you have ever seen. The fact is that along with the usual swings and carousels, they also offer a ride on tractors, bulldozers, and dump trucks. You can even get behind the wheel yourself and dig a hole. For children, of course, this is incredible fun and experience that is unlikely to be obtained in ordinary urban settings. The price for a one-time admission is $ 38.95 if booked online and $ 49.95 for tickets for the whole summer (plus a 10 percent discount at the gift shop and cafe).

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The distance between New York and Washington is about 330 km. Why go to Washington? Washington is the official capital of the United States, not New York. To see the White House, the Capitol, and other iconic places that have become symbols of the states, you have to go to Washington.

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Secondly, a big plus, unlike the rather expensive New York, is that many attractions in Washington have free admission, so a weekend trip to the US capital is a great idea of ​​how to spend a couple of days sparingly. Third, there is an unrealistic number of museums in Washington, among which there are both classical and very non-trivial. For example, the National Air and Space Museum is considered one of the most visited museums in the United States! Fourth, in contrast to New York, Washington has quite a lot of historical landmarks, including cathedrals, castles, and other architectural objects.

Park “Wild, Wild West”

50 Lackawanna Dr, Stanhope, NJ 07874, 1 hour from Manhattan by car) will delight all Western lovers of all ages. Opened in 1957, the town was built according to historical blueprints, as it really was in the “Wild West”. Already in front of the entrance to the park, you will not see any familiar asphalt, only sand and in some places stones, potholes, puddles, grassy sections of the road. At the entrance there is a railway station – as you know, the construction of the transcontinental railway was completed in May 1869, which gave an incredible impetus to the development of the western territories of America. And if the church was the center of the spiritual life of the settlers, then the railway stations were the economic, industrial, and even cultural center of their cities.

There are saloons, a bank, and the office of “Dr. Holiday” – the famous hero of the Wild West, a dentist, a card player, duelist, and rowdy. In the park, as the sign indicates, “takes out bullets, testifies to death, sells snake oil, pulls out teeth, and also takes care of horses and people” (in this sequence).

Why Is the NYC Rental Market Like the Wild, Wild West? - Trulia's Blog

Wild, Wild West

Next to Doc sits the Agent for Indian Affairs and the editorial office of the Wild West News newspaper, which will acquaint you with wanted announcements for the most famous bandits of the time. In the park, you can ride a postal stagecoach, take a train (and you will definitely be stopped by a disguised bandit demanding “Life or a wallet!”), And watch a meeting of an Indian tribe around a large bonfire. For more than sixty years, the park has been attracting visitors with a “live show”: every hour, actors dressed as cowboys and Indians put on different performances, and the historical accuracy is observed not only in costumes. Cowboys, sorting out the relationship in front of the saloon, shoot each other with real revolvers – and for a while, the smell of gunpowder and thick smoke envelops the main street. Admission for adults costs $ 18 and $ 16 for children from 2 to 11 years old, ride a pony or play mini-golf – another $ 4.

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More than a hundred trains and thirteen kilometers of the railway – this paradise not only for children but also for adults, enthusiast Bruce Zaccagnino began to build back in 1992. Bruce studied not only the structure of railways but also the geography of America. From plaster, he built ten-meter mountains, long rivers, endless fields, and deserts, and painted everything by hand.

Travel: Northlandz, Flemington's 'wonder of the world'

Top 7 destinations to travel from New York. Northlandz

He bought an abandoned three-story building and turned it into a museum of the miniature American road, where there are four thousand buildings and three hundred bridges (the longest is twelve meters). Both passenger and freight trains run across the displays, and all this splendor is watched by “locals” – farmers, cowboys, fishermen, amusement park goers, and cafe traders, and each figurine is also hand-painted. Admission price is $ 15.75 for adults and $ 10.75 for children over 2 years old.


Boston is located 305 km north of New York and is considered the “intellectual capital” of the United States. One of the oldest cities in America was founded in the Bay of Massachusetts, and today it is boldly ranked among such a concept as “New England”. The residents of Boston often describe themselves as follows: “In New York, they will ask you how much money you have, in Philadelphia who are your ancestors, and here in Boston how much you know.” It is home to world-renowned higher education institutions such as Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University and College.

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In order not to miss all the iconic places of Boston, follow the red “tourist” line, which will tell you without further ado about the main historical sites of the city. Such a “guide” was organized for tourists who come to Boston for the first time and want to see the main attractions of the city in one go. If you get tired of walking around historical places, that is, there are two options for where to relax – you can go to one of the famous parks in Boston, or you can go to the Boston embankment, because the city is located, neither more nor less, on the shore of the sea bay. Choose from parks Boston Common, the oldest park in the states (older than Central Park in New York), from marine entertainment – be sure to visit the local aquarium located right on the bay.

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Do you love little PEZ candies? Then head to the PEZ Museum (35 Prindle Hill Rd, Orange, CT 06477, 1.5 hours from Manhattan) – it’s small and not mentioned in any travel guide; meanwhile, TripAdvisor awarded it top marks as “Most Attractive Family Destination”. The museum will really appeal to both adults and children.

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In addition to the history of the company’s creation, here you can see collections of toys from different years, including rarities – a ladybug dispenser strewed with real Swarovski rhinestones or figures of a bride and groom from 1978. In total, more than 300 different collections have been produced since the appearance of the first PEZ dispenser. At first, these were the simplest figures, and since the 90s, the company has been producing multifunctional toys: flickering pens, sounded “mobile phones”, keyrings, plush animals. In the museum, you can play a quiz on the history of the company, and then receive a certificate for participation, watch how candies are made (of course, they will not show you the whole technology – after all, this is a commercial secret), and collect a full bucket of colored pastilles. Entrance fees are $ 5 for adults and $ 4 for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular radial excursions from New York. After the hustle and bustle of the big city, magnificent natural views are just what comes in handy for the eyes tired of the urban jungle. Niagara Falls is located on the border of two countries – the USA and Canada, so do not forget about visa restrictions if you suddenly want to see Niagara from the other side. Arriving at the falls, you will see three large cascades – Horseshoe, Veil, and American Falls, as well as the Rainbow Bridge and several islands between the shores. The waterfall itself has formed thanks to the course of the Niagara River of the same name.

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Niagara Falls

The closest settlement to the waterfall from the American side is the town of Niagara Falls; the distance from New York is about 500 km. The advantage of this attraction is that the waterfall does not freeze even in winter, so you can come here all year round. You can see the waterfall by boat, which brings you as close as possible to the cascades of the waterfall, or from the Table Rock observation deck with lifts that allow you to see the waterfall from its reverse sides.

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