Where To Go From New York: Atlantic City

1:58 pm  |  16.04.2022

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Atlantic City” is the casinos. Then maybe some boxing matches or music concerts that take place there regularly and lastly maybe the Miss America pageants come to mind. In addition, Atlantic City has a lot more to offer and is definitely worth more than just a day trip. There are a number of interesting museums and numerous historic wine-growing companies in the surrounding area that are worth visiting.


Located on Absecon Island, Atlantic City may not be in New York State but in New Jersey, but it is still very well connected to New York City. Inside the Port Authority Bus Terminal on the corner of 42nd St. and 8th Ave. you can buy the bus tickets to Atlantic City. There are many different providers such as the New Jersey Transit to the classic Greyhound.

An overview of the various casinos visited, including the bonus granted, can be found here. Each of these casinos will award you with a bonus upon getting off the bus in Atlantic City, in the form of cash or gaming/dining coupons. To do this, you give your bonus coupon to the casino employee who is already waiting at the bus door, and when you receive the money or the voucher. So if you offset the bonus against the fare of just over 30 dollars, you indirectly get part of the fare back.

About the Coupons

Atlantic City

Unfortunately, we personally did not succeed in acquiring such a bonus coupon in advance. This may be because we bought Greyhound bus tickets from an abandoned ticket machine in the Port Authority Bus Terminal instead of queuing in the huge line at the crowded ticket booth. So if anyone finds out how to get the bonus coupon with their ticket, we would be grateful for any tip!

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Hotels and Shopping

During the quite interesting drive over highways, you not only pass the Newark Liberty International Airport, but also the New Jersey Turnpike known from the opening credits of the Sopranos, together with the white industrial tanks with the inscription “Drive Safely”.

As soon as you drive into Atlantic City, you can see the various hotel/casino complexes such as the Taj Mahal or the various Trump achievements. But if you now think that there are only hotel complexes next to each other here, you are wrong. You can definitely see one or the other typical American residential building, pizzerias, shops, etc.

If you make your way from the casino, where the bus stops, to the promenade, a Disneyland-like setting awaits you. The hotels and myriad shops look too “enchanted” as if they had sprung from a Holywood film set. The shops on the promenade are mostly 99-cent shops, souvenir shops, clothing stores, and of course lots of “fast-food restaurants”.

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In “The Pier Shops at Caesars” there is not only a real Apple Store and great restaurants, but you also have an unobstructed view of the Boardwalk and the Atlantic. In general, a stroll along the Boardwalk, built-in 1870 and newly renovated, is a must. It’s a really great atmosphere and the best way to describe the scenario is “Las Vegas meets Coney Island”.

Boat on the shore

In the casinos, a completely different picture emerges: gigantic rooms divided into smokers and non-smokers are stuffed with endless numbers of flashing, loudly beeping electronic things screaming for dollars and attention – one has the feeling of being in the command center of the U.S.S. Enterprise and just waiting for Spock to whisper “Fascinating” in your ear.

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The clientele that at least crosses paths there on a normal weekday consist almost exclusively of older people who happily and with a lot of styles gamble away their pension. If you have no idea how all the machines work, don’t worry, one uncertain and hesitant look from you and you have at least one of these older gentlemen at your side who will explain the system to you with the patience of an angel – welcome to America!

Even if you are not a natural gamer, if you are not interested in gambling at all, it is impossible to resist the fascination of this scenario. Oh, and be sure to buy the local candy specialty: “Salt Water Taffy” – the cheapest, by the way, in one of the 99-cent stores there.

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