Top 9 Places of Interest in New York’s Adirondacks

8:01 am  |  12.11.2020

Leave the fast-paced New York City far behind as you travel to the upstate. Filled with mountains, lakes, and rivers, Adirondack Park is six million acres and became the first great American reserve to be preserved. In the summer, nature lovers can escape the city heat (Boston, New York, and Montreal are a half-day drive away). They flock here to enjoy canoeing, fishing, boating, horseback riding, hiking, mountaineering, and swimming – and that’s only in warm weather. When it snows, downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, boating, and snowmobiling become favorites for recreation.

It has pastoral meadows, picturesque villages, some 2,800 lakes and ponds, and dozens of towering peaks to explore. You can go on a casual hike or take a more serious backcountry trip. Other attractions include Fort Ticonderoga, showcasing numerous muskets, bayonets, pistols, and swords from the 18th century; ski resorts; century-old estates; and scenic train journeys. In order not to get lost in this variety, we have created for you a personal guide to the most interesting places in Adirondack.

Mount Whiteface

New York’s fifth tallest mountain, Whiteface Mountain, should no doubt be on your must-see list. But if you want to conquer a less popular peak, take a look at Indian Head Mountain. It is a 1,089-meter high mountain located in the southeastern corner of Green County, New York. Named for its profile, it is part of the Devil’s Path range in the Catskills.

Wikiloc | Picture of Mount Whiteface and Mount Passaconaway (2/5)
Where to Go When Visiting New York’s Adirondacks: Mount Whiteface

Ascending by cable car, you can look at the valley and foothills from above. You will have a very beautiful view and the trip itself is very pleasant, and will also save time, as it only takes 5 minutes. Be sure to go down the funicular and follow the trail that will lead you to the grotto cave. The funicular runs every 20 minutes, but you often have to wait longer due to the long queue. If you come in the evening or just want to stay one more day, there is a good three-star hotel right on the mountainside. Waking up in the morning in the mountains will be unforgettable.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

This center is a roomy amphitheater located in Saratoga Springs. The territory belongs to a state park, so you can not only enjoy the art but also take a walk in beautiful places. For music lovers, concerts are held here in the classical, pop, jazz, pop, and rock genres. Besides, various festivals are regularly held in this place – comedy, food festivals, dance battles, and concerts of local stars.

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SPAC guide: Saratoga Performing Arts Center schedule, seating chart

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

As for the center itself, there are three main halls inside the building – an opera, a concert, and a theater, connected by corridors; the Arts Center also houses a gallery, an exhibition hall, conference rooms, a library, a cafe, and other premises. All rooms have been carefully designed to perfectly integrate architecture and acoustics. For young spectators, children’s puppet theater performances are held here from time to time. We advise you to book your tickets in advance because they can be difficult to buy.

Saratoga Flight Courses

Each summer, Saratoga hosts a historic horse-riding event, named one of the greatest sporting events by Sports Illustrated. The hippodrome landscape has been taken under the protection of the state. Due to the appearance of new buildings, it takes on the status of a complex. New stands were erected in the west and east so that the viewer could sit closer to the racing track, and in the north and south to get as close as possible to the finish line. The public attending the races is completely protected from sunlight and bad weather.

Book The Annex in Saratoga Springs in Saratoga Springs |

A Tourist’s Perspective on New York’s Adirondacks: Saratoga Flight Courses

Also on the territory, there are recreation areas – cafes and cafeterias, playgrounds, and much more. To buy a ticket to the racetrack, you must book it two months before the sporting event. You can also visit the stables where you can interact with horses that do not participate in the races for a fee.

Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake

This unique museum is dedicated to a unique geographical feature – Blue Mountain Lake. Traces of disappeared settlements, fragments of ancient settlements, burial grounds, and sanctuaries of the 9th – 13th centuries, as well as preserved decorations and religious objects, allow us to recreate the traditional way of life of the indigenous people.

Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake | Tupper Lake,  Adirondacks

Museum on Blue Mountain Lake

Visit the Mountain Lake Museum-Reserve with the whole family and you will have great fun. Having made a short trip, you will get acquainted with the unique exhibits of the museum, and the proximity of Blue Mountain Lake will give your trip the flavor of a country walk.

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The wild center

The Wildlife Center, also known as the Adirondack Natural History Museum, is the hub of New York State’s Adirondack Wildlife Refuge. Of particular interest is the nursery, which contains oilseed and birds. Visitors with children can visit the petting zoo and hand-feed the animals. Not far from the reserve, there is a sandy beach with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Wild Center
Most Interesting Things to Do in New York’s. The wild center

During the warmer months, the Wild Center hosts outdoor film screenings and small festivals. Besides, there is a rope town and playgrounds in the park. Are you a lover of a healthy lifestyle and sports? Come to this place to work out in the fresh air on the sports field. Visiting the center is free, but all additional services must be paid. We also recommend that you visit the observation decks and enjoy the incredibly beautiful views of the surroundings.

Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga is a fortified structure from the middle of the 18th century, located on the shores of the large Lake Champlain. Originally built by Canadians during the Seven Years of the French and Indian War, it changed hands during the Revolutionary War. To learn more about the events unfolding in this area, it makes sense to come in the summer, when costumed reenactments of battles are held here. However, the exposition attracts visitors even in the cold season, and the fort itself is also interesting – an exemplary military structure of that era. Someone even comes here just to admire the view of the lake from the fortress walls.

Форт Тикондерога | Славянская карта Мира

Fort Ticonderoga

The fort hosts many interesting events for tourists: excursions with a story about history, the ceremony of raising and lowering the flag, demonstrations of guns and muskets, and much more. In July and August, a military band marching, dressed in an 18th-century uniform and performing the music of the time. Here you can spend the whole day. Better to grab some sandwiches and later enjoy your meal at a restaurant on Burlington Pier, which offers spectacular views of Lake Champlain.

Saratoga Spa State Park

This place is a paradise for everyone who dreams of tranquility and relaxation. While relaxing in nature, among centuries-old trees, every visitor to this spa park can indulge in complex treatments. There is everything for beauty and health, surrounded by clean air, magnificent nature, and an atmosphere of complete tranquility and relaxation.

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Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY: Find Attractions &  Recreational Activities

Saratoga Spa State Park

If you wish, you can stay here for the night or several days by booking the type of accommodation, that suits you. In this case, you can start your morning with an invigorating pool. A hearty and delicious breakfast awaits you in the light-filled panoramic restaurant.

Saratoga National Historical Park

Saratoga National Historical Park is a nature reserve of approximately 13.73 square meters, located in the state of New York. It was opened in 1938. About 60,000 people visit the park annually. Here you can just walk along the alleys of the park, go to the summer theater or visit one of the many cafes. In fine weather, an open-air cinema is organized in the park.

Saratoga National Historical Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Saratoga National Historical Park

The park bears the memory of the Battle of Saratoga, during which American forces won a major victory over the British army for the first time. The battle that took place on October 17, 1777, is considered to be a turning point in the War of Independence. It was after him that France entered the war on the side of the North American states. In honor of this historic event, the United States issued a coin featuring the Saratoga National Historical Park.

Parc Safari

As a rule, all visitors, young and old, get indescribable delight when they observe the animals. In a safari park, this can be done from a very close distance while in the car. Some animals are happy to communicate with people – they look into the windows of cars, show a special interest in photo and video cameras. Only lions are kept in the cages. Monkeys have recently also been unable to get close to visitors. These animals pestered tourists too obsessively, and the park staff decided to isolate them.

Сафари парк в Бангкоке - Safari World: цены, как добраться

Parc Safari

You can go to the Wild Safari Park on your own or with an excursion group. Typically, a special tour includes a bus ride, guide, and breakfast. Opening hours: April – November: all days of the week. Entrance: 71.99 USD, children: 46.99 USD, children under 2 years old – free. When buying tickets online, you can save up to 25 USD.

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