The Best Instagram Places in NYC: Add Something Beautiful on Your Page

11:22 am  |  17.06.2021

New York City is one of the most popular cities on Instagram. If you travel to the Big Apple and are also active on Instagram, you want to find the best Instagram spots in New York. Some of the best Instagram spots in NYC are absolute insiders, but sometimes also part of our top 10 best sights in New York.

In this article, we’ll tell you the highlights that you definitely shouldn’t miss if you too want to fill your Instagram account with many unique New York posts.

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The Best Instagram Places in NYC: Our Tips

Katz Deli

Exactly where Harry met Sally. Or rather, where Sally faked her orgasm. Whether it’s a photo right at the table of the world-famous orgasm scene, or a selfie with the most delicious pastrami sandwich in town, Katz Delicatessen is one of the best Instagram spots in NYC.

The Cyclone

Get the best experience at Coney Island.

It can be said that Coney Island in itself is a great place for amazing Instagram posts. The Cyclone, the old roller coaster from Coney Island’s early years, is definitely one of the best Instagram places in the area.

The Black Coconut Ice Cream from Morgensterns

You might have run into the black ice on Instagram before. The ice cream selfie with the morning star in the background is one of the best Instagram spots in NYC.

Second Avenue Subway Station

Feel the unique atmosphere.

The stations on the Second Avenue line in Manhattan are relatively new and provide the perfect backdrop for Instagram posts in and out of New York. The special thing about it: nobody would expect a subway station like this in New York.

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Smorgasburg Foodmarket

One of the most popular places in New York for the perfect Instagram post is the Smorgasburg Food Market in Williamsburg. Here you really don’t know where to take a photo first and last. You can find all information about Smorgasburg here.

Street Art in Nolita and Bushwick

Street art is as much a part of New York as the subway. You can find really great murals in Nolita (Elisabeth Street, Lafayette Street) and Bushwick (Around Troutman St at St. Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn). Don’t forget to mark the artist on your Instagram post, they are always very happy and usually, there is also a repost.

The Grand Central Terminal

It a classic, but definitely one of the best Instagram spots in NYC. Whether by the clock, a photo of the stairs with a view of the masses of commuters running through the terminal, or on one of the rustic train tracks. The Grand Central Terminal offers many great locations for the perfect Instagram photo.

The Oculus

The newly opened Oculus train station in Lower Manhattan has a white interior and exterior. Come early to avoid a lot of people in the picture and take your perfect Instagram picture here at one of the most popular spots in New York. Incidentally, the best time to see the light is around 11:00 a.m.

The Playbill Selfie

A musical on Broadway – a dream for many when you’re in town and therefore one of the most popular Instagram photos from New York. Hold Playbill (the little book you get before the performance) in front of the camera, stage as background, and the perfect picture for Instagram is ready.

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The Friends Apartment in the West Village

For many fans of the Friends series, the place on 90 Bedford Street is a must-go anyway. An early visit is also worthwhile here to avoid fan gatherings. By the way, this is just the outside setting of the apartment, the series itself was filmed in a different location.


A visit to Chinatown is an experience – great pictures for your Instagram are safe here. Our tip: come to the Bloody Angle. Here you can take your unique photo in Chinatown at one of the best Instagram locations in NYC.

Bow Bridge in Central Park

Beautiful summer view.

Of course, Central Park as such already offers a great selection of great spots for your Instagram posts from New York. We think the Bow Bridge and The Mall are the most beautiful.

Top of the Rock

The special thing about the Top of the Rock, one of the most popular viewing platforms in New York, is that it is “open”. No panes like the Empire State Building and there are even two floors. Our absolute Instagram photo tip is to take a photo from the top viewing platform to the lower one. The Empire State Building is even in the background.

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The Stairs in Front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Many may know it from the Gossip Girl series. The girls always sat together on the stairs in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This location is also one of our favorites of the best Instagram spots in NYC. With the famous mead in the background, great pictures are created here with a 100% like a guarantee.

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Selfie with Miss Liberty

It is the symbol of the city and is part of the program for all tourists. So why not take a selfie with the Statue of Liberty? This is best done from the Staten Island Ferry or during the tour to the Statue of Liberty, where you can take an ideal selfie at the foot of the statue.

Dumbo: Washington Street

Washington Street with the Manhattan Bridge in the background is just a great motif. 

Again, we recommend coming early and avoiding the weekends if you want to put yourself in the limelight. Not exactly an insider, but still one of the best Instagram spots in New York.

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Brooklyn Bridge

Not far from Washington Street you will find the stairway to Brooklyn Bridge, another place I can recommend for the perfect Instagram picture. Here, too, it is said again: the morning hour has gold in its mouth. Getting up early is worth it to have the world-famous bridge almost to yourself.

The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

If you are in New York at Christmas time, of course, what could be a better Instagram spot in New York than the world’s most famous Christmas tree? There is no more Christmas atmosphere.

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