Webcams in New York: You are Caught

4:24 pm  |  26.10.2021

Live cameras in New York cover the most curious and interesting places in the city, such as Times Square, Liberty Island, the Empire State Building, and many other attractions.

Webcams in New York broadcast everything that happens around the Internet in real-time. That is, you can easily see a picture of a living New York, although the quality will not be the best, the reality of what is happening on the monitor screen will be beyond doubt. In addition, viewing a picture requires a high connection speed, which should also be borne in mind.

5th Avenue Camera

The street view

The camera is located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 48th Street, that is, in the very center of Midtown in Manhattan. This place is often overcrowded during the daytime, as there is an incredible number of trendy stores on 5th Avenue, primarily clothes, so there are always enough people here. The famous New York St Paul’s Cathedral is a block away.

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Charging Bull Camera

The Wall Street Bull, or Attacking Bull, has been standing in the Bowling Green area for just over twenty years but has already become one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York, where crowds of people come to take pictures every day. You can also look at the bull by Arturo Di Modica while sitting at home at the computer, since a webcam is installed in front of it, continuously filming the life around this bronze giant.

Columbus Circle Camera

Columbus Circle is one of the most famous squares in Manhattan, located in Midtown West, at the southwest corner of Central Park. In the center of the square, there is a marble statue with a monument to Columbus, similar to the one in Barcelona, and in addition to it, there are several webcams on the square, which can be used to track at any time what is happening at the southwestern corner of Central Park.

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Coney Island Camera

Sunset on Coney Island

Coney Island is one of the first amusement parks in the United States, which O’Henry wrote about in his wonderful stories. The Russian district of Brighton Beach is also in a couple of metro stations. Be that as it may, one of the New York webcams is aimed specifically at the historic amusement park, which has recently been noticeably updated.

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New York City Skyline Camera

Manhattan itself acts as the horizon in the image from this webcam, and the camera is located in Liberty State Park, which is already in the state of New Jersey. The result is stunning views of downtown Manhattan, where the skyscrapers under construction on the site where the infamous Twin Towers of the World Trade Center once stood are striking.

Ellis Island Camera

Ellis Island is an island that has become famous due to the fact that in the past it was he who served as a kind of gateway for thousands of immigrants to America for a long time. 

The camera overlooking Ellis Island is right on top of the Statue of Liberty, which adds to the charm of the picture that can be seen on the Internet.

Empire State Building Cameras

The Empire State Building is the most famous and tallest skyscraper in New York, so it would be somewhat illogical if webcams were not installed on it, overlooking almost all of Manhattan. At least the camera facing east captures sights such as Chrysler Skyscraper, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, and parts of Long Island.

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High Line Park Camera

This camera surveys the most, perhaps, most unusual park in New York – High Line park, recently created on the old line of the elevated metro. So while walking here you can literally look into the windows of old buildings, now converted into art galleries.

Statue of Liberty Camera

This camera is not on the statue, but on the contrary – it surveys it from the coastline of the New York port in Brooklyn. This is perhaps one of the best places in New York to observe the main symbol of the city and the whole of America. And thanks to modern technologies, all Internet users can afford such pleasure.

Statue of Liberty Torch Cameras

This camera is installed on the torch of the Statue of Liberty, on the observation balcony, where tourists have not been allowed since the distant 1916. So it can be said that this is a unique view of the crown and face of the Statue, which can be observed in real-time at any time of the day or night. Another thing is that this picture is very static.

The Statue of Liberty torch offers stunning views of Manhattan and New York’s port. True, few people will climb onto the torch itself, but the camera is installed there. 24 hours a day, she films how Manhattan and the Hudson waters off the East River live, and you can easily admire it on the Internet.

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World Trade Center Cameras

Unbelievable futuristic view

Several cameras were also installed in the Ground Zero area – the place where the twin towers stood, and now there is a memorial, next to which the future skyscrapers of the new World Trade Center are being erected. One of the cameras is installed next to the construction site on which the main skyscraper of the future complex, Freedom Tower, is being built. There is also a camera filming the construction of the first World Trade Center tower, which already prominently rises above downtown Manhattan.

Times Square Cameras

There are quite a few cameras installed in the Times Square area. For one of the most interesting views in Times Square, there is a camera installed on one of the skyscrapers in Times Square. To get a closer look at the location, you can switch to the Broadway camera. This is the section of Times Square where the largest number of people gather in the evenings, so there is a lot to see.

A camera mounted on Broadway in the center of Times Square surveys the beautiful view. Another camera is wonderfully installed in fact in the very heart of Times Square about three meters above the sidewalk so that with its help you can watch the crazy life of Broadway.

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