New Jersey Devils Tickets: Important Info

5:06 pm  |  15.12.2021

The New Jersey Devils are a National Hockey League (NHL) ice hockey team based near New York. This makes them the third team you can see if you want to see ice hockey in New York. Ice hockey is one of the four most popular sports in the USA and accordingly the games of the New Jersey Devils are also well attended. A huge atmosphere and excitement are guaranteed – because the New Jersey Devils play first-class ice hockey and are regularly among the secret favorites for the NHL championship – the Stanley Cup.

The New Jersey Devils: Ice Hockey in New Jersey

Ice hockey and New York – they go well together. Even if – as the name suggests – they play their home games next door in Newark / New Jersey. The transport connections from Manhattan are optimal so that you can assign them to New York with a clear conscience.

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New Jersey Devils History & Achievements

The Devils were founded in 1974 in Kansas and played their first games in the NHL under the name Kansas City Scouts. Just two years later they moved to Denver and were then acting as the Colorado Rockies. They have been the New Jersey Devils since 1982 when they moved to the East Coast to the Prudential Center in Newark.

It is often the case that – when there are several teams in a city – one is very successful and the other is somewhat overshadowed. This is not the case with the New Jersey Devils. Even if the New York Rangers play ice hockey in the metropolitan area of New York, both teams are on an equal footing. The New Jersey Devils have already won the Stanley Cup three times: in 1995, 2000, and most recently in 2003. From 2005 onwards, the New Jersey Devils won the Atlantic Division four times and in 2012 also the Conference.

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The New Jersey Devils have a moving history: hardly any team in the American professional ice hockey league has moved so often. 

Rivals of the New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils have two real rivals in the immediate vicinity: the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. Accordingly, it gets hot when the teams meet.

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New Jersey Devils Tickets & Prices

Cheap New Jersey Devils tickets start at $ 50, but these are for the upper echelons. The atmosphere there is also sensational, but you are relatively far away from the field and such a puck is pretty small. For the tickets with the best price-performance ratio, you pay between $ 100 and $ 260 – but it’s also worth it, after all, you don’t go to NHL games in New York that often, right? That’s what we said to ourselves.

New Jersey Devils Stadium

The team plays its home games at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The stadium has almost 17,615 spectators and is a classic multifunctional hall: the basketball team of the New Jersey Nets also played here until they moved to Brooklyn in 2012.

Directions to the New Jersey Devils Games

The Prudential Center is easily accessible by train from New York Penn Station (33rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues) without having to change trains! From there, just take the Northeast Corridor or the North Jersey Coast Line. The trains run very regularly – sometimes every 12 minutes and after 20 minutes you will have arrived at your destination: Newark Penn Station.

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Then you only have to walk 2 blocks and you are at the New Jersey Devils Stadium. You can’t miss the stadium at all – you can simply orient yourself to the many fans of the New Jersey Devils, who all want to go to the game. Just follow the crowds!

When Should You Be in the Stadium?

We like it when the stadium slowly fills up and the mood changes noticeably: excited from the calm direction. So we recommend you to be there about an hour before the New Jersey Devils game starts. First, you avoid the queues and you can have a look at the Prudential Center in advance and watch the teams warm-up.

Fans & Mood

The New Jersey Devils have sensationally good fans – the atmosphere at the home games is amazing. For this reason alone, you should definitely watch a game of the New Jersey Devils – it’s worth it! This is generally the case with ice hockey games.

The Best Seats in the Prudential Center

Seats layout

The best seats are in the middle on the longer side of the playing field. From there you have a perfect view of the game. We have shown the seats with the best price-performance ratio here in the seating plan. The section numbers also show you how close you are to the playing field: the smaller the number, the closer you are to the ice surface. But the tickets further up are not bad either – the atmosphere is really good everywhere.

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New Jersey Devils Schedule

Here you can watch the next games of the New Jersey Devils and book your desired tickets – please make sure that the location is “Yankee Stadium” – these are the home games of the New Jersey Devils!


  • You can order tickets 100% securely via StubHub.
  • Be there 60 minutes in advance.
  • Destination: the Prudential Center in Newark / New Jersey – by train from “New York Penn Station” to “Newark Penn Station” you can be there in less than 30 minutes.

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