What Do You Think About New York Mets Tickets Including Team Guide

3:47 pm  |  14.12.2021

In the USA, and thus also in New York, baseball is as important as it is for us, and for many people, it is more than just a sport. We think it’s totally awesome to talk to all the baseball crazy people in sports bars about old games and to discuss current games. In this New York Mets Guide, you will find out everything you need to know about the New York Mets baseball team.

The Mets have always been overshadowed by the New York Yankees, who are not only more successful but also better known. But that doesn’t mean anything if you are fans – other values ​​also count! For example, a good atmosphere in the stadium – and that’s guaranteed! But more on that later. The New York Mets successes are a while ago: the New York Mets were able to win the championship of all winners of the baseball leagues of the USA – the World Series – twice.

After a successful start with a championship in 1969, a long dry spell followed, which is also due to a wrong personnel strategy. Old and experienced players were supposed to support the young team – but that didn’t work for a long time. Unfortunately, the management stuck to this strategy for a long time, so that it was not until 1986 – 17 years later – that the World Series was won for the second time. Now more than 30 years have passed and a third big title has not been added.

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New York Mets Tickets & Prices

Tickets for the New York Mets tickets start at $ 20, but these are mostly the prices for the upper echelons (400 and 500 categories). But you are sitting relatively far away from the field and it will be so exciting to see the ball and the players. We recommend the 300 and 100 seats – from there you have a great view of what’s going on in the game. Prices for the New York Mets tickets start here at $ 50.

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The New York Mets sometimes play 5 times a week, so you can be sure to catch a Mets home game on your desired date. If it shouldn’t be that way and you want to see baseball in New York, then see if the New York Yankees are playing.

New York Mets Stadium


The baseball team plays its home games at Citi Field in Flushing-Meadows Park. The stadium was rebuilt in 2009 and replaced the old Shea Stadium. Watch the New York Mets games with 45,000 other baseball fans and enjoy the amazing atmosphere! By the way: In Flushing Meadows, you will also find the Arthur Ashe Stadium – this is where the US Open tennis is played! The best way to get to the New York Mets stadium is with the New York Subway Line 7 – in just under 30 minutes you will be at the “Flushing – Main St.” station. You can’t miss the stadium at all – you can simply orient yourself to the many fans of the New York Mets, who all want to go to the game. Just follow the crowds!

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When should you be in the stadium? We recommend that you be in the stadium about an hour before the game starts to watch the New York Mets warm up and enjoy the rising atmosphere to the full. In addition, the queues are not that long and you can also check out the other tiers with the other New York Mets fans. We always find such a small “stadium tour” to be awesome!

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Fans & Mood

While the New York Mets aren’t one of the top teams in baseball, the vibe is what you want it to be: this is definitely the main event to watch. Incidentally, goosebumps are guaranteed before the game starts when the national anthem is played, everyone gets up and puts their hands on their hearts. 

The Best Seats at Citi Field Stadium

Stadium layout

We recommend the 100 and 300 places – from there you can relax and watch the Mets play & recognize the players and the ball without any problems. Plus, these New York Mets tickets are the best value for money! For current tickets from the Nets click here. Buy New York Mets Tickets You have the choice of either printing out the tickets yourself as vouchers (these are then the eTickets) or you can have them sent to you in the traditional way as a paper ticket by post. It takes one to two weeks to send the Post-Tickets. When you have decided on a game, you can see exactly when it will arrive at your home on the website.

New York Mets Schedules

The current New York Mets schedule with all matches can be found in the clearly laid out list. The home games of the New York Mets can be recognized by the fact that it says “City Field Flushing, NY” at the location.

New York Mets Guide: Summary

  • You can order tickets online 100% safely.
  • The seats with the best price-performance ratio are in the 100 and 300 categories.
  • Be there 60 minutes in advance.
  • Destination: Citi Field in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens.
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The New York Mets – Baseball in New York

The New York Mets are the second team from New York to play in the American MLB professional league. The actual name is Metropolitan Baseball Club of New York – which sounds a lot more complicated than “Mets”. Therefore the team is only really known as the “New York Mets”. There are two reasons why the team got this name: in reference to the New York Metropolitans, who was a New York baseball team from 1883 to 1887, and because the company owned by the Mets were already called something similar. Short high phases followed long dry spells – to this day they hold a record that nobody wants: the most unsuccessful season in the history of the MLB with 103 defeats. But the New York Mets can also claim two World Series victories – unfortunately, they were a long time ago. But there is a clear upward trend: for a while now, the New York Mets have been back at the top of their league.

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History & Achievements of the New York Mets

The New York Mets were founded in 1962 and have seen many ups and downs. The first games were played in the old stadium of the New York Giants football team – two years later the New York Mets found their new home in Shea Stadium in the borough of Queens. The namesake is William Shea, a lawyer from New York who, after moving two clubs away from New York, refused to accept that the Big Apple was now in the National League without a large baseball team. That was in 1957 and five years later he did it: the New York Mets were born.

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