The North River Fish Bar in New York: The Best Seafood Restaurant on the Water

4:32 pm  |  03.03.2022

Dinner cruises, or boat trips in New York in general, are a must-do on the vacation to-do list for many New York visitors. Rightly so, because there is something unique about discovering New York from the water. Many dinner cruises also have reasonable prices, which is why we specifically looked for an alternative.

We came across the North River Fish Bar at North River Landings (near the Circle Line) at Pier 81 and spent a Saturday evening on the beautiful ship. In this article, you can read about our experiences and why we recommend the North River Fish Bar in New York.

Dinner Cruise cheap: The North River Fish Bar

It may sound unreal, but at the North River Fish Bar in New York, you can actually stop by and board the three-story ship designed by Andrew Franz for only $10 per person. The ship leaves several times a day for different travel times and offers a great entertainment program on the journey towards the Statue of Liberty.

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Delicious Fish Dishes Freshly Prepared

Delicious Snacks

Fans of fish specialties are in the right place here: The North River Fish Bar offers a wide range of great dishes fresh from the sea. You can choose whether you want to eat in the restaurant or order something to eat at the bar on the lower level of the ship, or in the lounge area. At the bar, it is actually “just appetizers”, which nevertheless have proud prices.

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Many will now think: “okay, that’s the catch of the cruise then” – but that’s not the case, because nobody has to eat anything. You can also just order a drink, a glass, or a bottle of wine. This can then also be consumed at the bar or on the very inviting, lovingly designed outdoor area (level 3).

Great Views of the Skyline

The audience is actually more influenced by locals, which is all the more interesting for you, isn’t it?

The North River Fish Bar in New York offers incredible views throughout the ship. Inside the ship, you will find many large windows and on the outside deck of the ship, you can make yourself comfortable in one of the many lounge chairs. Of course, music is also provided. The DJ plays a colorful mix of the latest hits and music classics, so there is something for every taste. 

North River Fish Bar Departure Times

Daily from June to September

Option 1: 6:30 pm departure with a 2-hour drive until 8:30 am. Boarding starts at 6:00 pm and this tour takes you to the Statue of Liberty.

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Option 2: 9:30 pm departure with a 45-minute journey to 10:15 am. Boarding starts at 6:00 pm and this tour does not go to the Statue of Liberty.

Saver Ticket for a Three-Course Menu

North River Fish Bar

As already mentioned at the beginning, the trip with the North River Fish Bar in New York can be booked for only 10 dollars per person, in addition, you will be charged for the drinks and, if necessary, the food. But if you plan to dine in the restaurant, we recommend booking the ticket for the cruise with us in advance. You will receive a three-course meal and a glass of wine of your choice. Here you save in any case since the prices in the restaurant are also high.

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