Bam Bam: Shooting Range in New York

3:28 pm  |  20.05.2023

Shooting at a professional shooting range in New York is on our list of top tips for a unique experience. It’s an experience you will never forget! Ever wanted to visit a US shooting range to fire a pistol or rifle? If you are looking for a New York shooting range then this is your chance! 

While this “New York Shooting Range” isn’t actually in New York City, it’s in New Jersey, but it’s really just a stone’s throw and easy to find. This shooting package is a special activity for one to three people, where you will experience first-hand what it’s like to shoot with a firearm.

Target Practice for Tourists

When you arrive at the shooting range you will be given documents to sign to complete the registration. So don’t forget your passport! After that, go to the counter where you will be given the firearms. 

The above pack contains two different guns, including an AK-47 (aka Kalashnikov). You’ll also get enough ammo to give both weapons a try. Before entering the authorized shooting area, a member of staff will explain exactly how everything works, after which you can begin. All staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. These so-called Range Safety Officers ensure the safety of visitors and that everything runs smoothly. The bang and recoil after the trigger may take some getting used to, but you’ll quickly feel like a proficient shooter.

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How Do You Get to the Shooting Range?

The shooting range is located in New Jersey, just outside of New York City. You can take the bus from Manhattan, with one change. The easiest way is by Uber, which can get you to the shooting range in half an hour from Midtown Manhattan. We took the 198 bus from Port Authority to the Willowbrook Mall Shoppers Stop bus stop and then an Uber for the last leg, which only takes about five minutes. Instead of Uber, you can also take another bus for the last stretch.

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Tip: Of course, we tested this package and were pleasantly surprised. You feel in good hands and everything is handled professionally. All sorts of people work here – men and women, young and old. The service was good and the people friendly and nice. If you book the package in advance, you will no longer have to make difficult decisions on the spot, for example regarding the type of firearms. Ideal for beginners! You can always add to your pack if you want to try other firearms.

Practical Information

The minimum age to use long guns on the shooting range is 8 years old, children under 8 years old are not allowed on the shooting range.

After booking, you will receive a voucher by email, which you can print out or show on your smartphone as mobile tickets.

Location: Woodland Park, NJ

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Times: Daily from 12:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Reserve your desired time after booking.

Minimum age: The minimum age to use long guns on the shooting range is 8 years old, children under 8 years old are not allowed on the shooting range.

Minors aged 13 and over can shoot with borrowed handguns if accompanied by an adult over 21 years of age.

Minors aged 18-20 can only borrow long rifles unaccompanied by an adult over 21 years of age.

If both participants are under the age of 21, the loaned weapon is an AR-15.

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