Edge Viewing Platform Experience

2:21 pm  |  25.07.2021

For a long time, The Edge viewing platform in New York could only be admired from below or from a distance. The Edge observation deck in Hudson Yards has officially opened in 2020.

You can reserve the tickets for Edge online now. Standard tickets and flex tickets are available for the Edge viewing platform. With the standard tickets you have to specify a date and time for your visit in advance, with the flex tickets you pay a surcharge and are flexible in terms of time and only have to set a date.

On the 100th floor of the “30 Hudson Yards” skyscraper in New York means for the visitors of Edge: 360-degree view and a glass floor, where you have the feeling that you are floating in the air. Plus the city of New York as you’ve never seen it before. We have really experienced a lot in New York City and visited all the observation decks in New York, but the opening of the Hudson Yards observation deck at 335 meters is a very special experience even for us. For me all the more, because I’m not entirely free from vertigo at these heights.

The state-of-the-art elevator takes less than 60 seconds to reach the Edge viewing platform. Incidentally, it protrudes 24 meters from the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards. Your heart is beating faster while reading through it, doesn’t it?

The opening of Edge was gigantic. A live band plays on the Sky Steps and there was a show of dancers hurrying down the building from 30 Hudson Yards. That alone was unique.

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View from the Edge Observation Deck

Edge is really full of highlights and the view from above sets new standards for the viewing platforms in New York. By the way, the best point for your snapshot is the “Eastern Point” – the top of the viewing platform. 

The angled windows with a view of Manhattan are also tough. You can get a great overview from the Sky Steps.


We were also at the opening of the “One World Observatory” at the One World Trade Center, which was one of the big highlights at the time. But Edge in New York surprised and impressed me much more than the One World Observatory back then.

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Why? Edge is more spectacular, more extraordinary and the 700 square meters outdoor space is simply breathtaking. The tapered, glass platform has an unmistakable design and is a must for all New York tourists who are free from giddiness. It is definitely worth visiting Edge, because you don’t just wander around in a building, like for example at the WTC, but you are in the open air on a large terrace.

Is Edge the Best Observation Deck in New York

The viewing platforms such as the One World Observatory or the Empire State Building (meanwhile) offer their visitors multimedia installations, such as video shows in the elevators, special exhibitions/museums, and crazy “selfie moments” with King Kong himself, for example. We, therefore, had high expectations of Edge and were not disappointed. From the rapid elevator ride with animations of how Edge was built to the many highlights that Edge has to offer, you can hardly stop being amazed.

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Among other things, the glass floor, through which you can look directly onto the streets of Manhattan, offers the special thrill; this view is only available from the Edge viewing platform. The angled glass walls, for the ultimate kick, are only available in this form from Edge.

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The champagne bar in The Edge on the 100th floor offers visitors a glass of champagne (for $ 20), cocktails, and small snacks, which can also be enjoyed on the terrace in the open air. This is also an absolute highlight. The elevator ride down, which takes you digitally directly into the inside of the vessel, is particularly exciting.

Another big highlight is the Peak restaurant. There you can enjoy lunch and dinner on the 101st floor. There is also a café, a bar and various function rooms for weddings and other events.

You can reserve your tickets for the Edge viewing platform online now. Standard tickets and flex tickets are available for Edge. With the standard tickets, you have to specify a time period for your visit in advance, with the flex tickets you pay a surcharge and can go to the viewing platform whenever you want.

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Attractions Near The Edge

The Edge observation deck in New York is in the immediate vicinity of some great attractions: First of all, The Vessel, which is just as free as the High Line Park, which starts here. It connects New York (Hudson Yards district) with one of the oldest: the Meatpacking District. Make sure you take the time to stroll this way.

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And if you’re hungry: the Little Spain Food Market and a shopping mall can also be found here.

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