Be Healthy: Jogging in New York

2:09 pm  |  16.06.2023

Jogging in New York, for example through Central Park, along the Hudson River, or over the Brooklyn Bridge, will give you the feeling of being a real New Yorker. Personally, I sprinted at most to the front door when the pizzabote rings, but for those who appreciate a real workout, I have created a selection of the best jogging tracks in Manhattan. Did you know that some of them pass by the city’s most famous sights? If the New York Marathon is a bit too much for you, but you want to work in the city still sporty, the following tips are just right for you.

Jogging in Central Park

The most famous place for jogging in New York is, of course, Central Park. Genuine New Yorkers also improve their condition here. There is a paved path through the entire park with different traces for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorized traffic. Good conditions for safe training. A complete round through Central Park is nearly eight kilometers long, but of course, you can also take one of the many crossroads as a shortcut. Would you like to learn more about the sights where you pass by jogging? Then make the more cozy Central Park Tour. During this one-hour jogging tour, the tour guide will tell you everything about the most important highlights on the five-kilometer route. Do you still have energy left for a longer route? Then the 6.5 kilometers long Central Park Running Tour is certainly something for you.

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Tip: If you want to jog in Central Park, make you the best morning in the morning. Later in the day, it can be pretty full. Since the park is not a secure place in the dark, I would advise you to go jogging in the evening. And take your Metrocard in case you are bogged too long behind an attractive New Yorkin and do not walk home on foot.

Jogging over the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge – one of the most famous places for jogging

Another great jogging route leads over the Brooklyn Bridge. Take the subway to Brooklyn and jog back to Manhattan. Of course, if you have eaten too many hotdogs. Forget about all sporting ambition but do not stay in and then keep the great view of the skyline. If you want, you can also connect to the Brooklyn Bridge Running Tour. During this guided tour, you will cross the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge and jog by Chinatown. The tour ends at the City Hall.

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Jogging in Manhattan

Jogging in Central Park

Manhattan offers many other places where you can jog along wonderfully. These may be unknown, but not less well. You can even jog with the busy area at Times Square. During the Running Tour “The Crossroads of the World” you will discover Times Square, Grand Central Station, and the Rockefeller Center on sneakers.

If you would like to know more about New York as a crucible of cultures, you can also participate in the Immigrant Running Tour. The tour guide will guide you through Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, and the small streets of the Lower East Side. At the end of the round, you will be rewarded with a coffee at a nearby café.

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In Lower Manhattan, you can also explore the roots of New York. In this area, the immigrants arrived and left their traces, for example, at South Street Seaport and the City Hall. Make America’s Roots Running Tour to discover these places. You will also come past the Ground Zero and 9/11 Memorial.

The High Line Park in New York is definitely worth a visit. He is the ideal place for a jogging round in the morning. If you participate in the Village Running Tour, this park is one of the many beautiful places in New York, that you get to see. You will jog along with many theaters and restaurants through the quiet streets of West Village. And if you are lucky, maybe even run one or the other star over the way.

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