Grand Central Station: 7 Tips for the New York Landmark

3:07 pm  |  15.06.2023

The Grand Central Station in the heart of Manhattan is the pulse of the city. It fathers people here, it’s loud, full and everyone seems to be under time pressure. Unfortunately, most people forget how much iconic the building they are located in is.

The landmark, namely the station, is actually called Grand Central Terminal, but we also titled by the New York with Grand Central Station, is an architectural masterpiece of the 20th century and has long not been New York’s insider tip.

Grand Central Station Secrets 

Grand Central Station

In the Grand Central Station, many photographers are driving around. What the least New York beginners know: to use a tripod, you have to obtain a permit before. This applies half a day and must be logged in a few weeks in advance with a precise date. Whether you will then get this on your selected day, that’s in the stars.

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Another way to explore the terminal is with a guided photo safari. This not only has the advantage that you have the approval for the tripod but also access to areas that are not accessible to the public.

1. Grand Central Terminal Station & The Speakeasy

In New York, there are such some SpeakeAsy’s with the roots in the prohibition of the 20s. A Speakeasy is nothing else than a substructure bar in which illegal alcohol was served. Also in the Grand Central Terminal is a Speakeasy. Hidden well and reachable from Vanderbilt Avenue.

After the prohibition, the room was an office, in 2007, the room was breathed again. Here you will find oriental decor with Pocellan vases and pale glass windows. The bar is considered one of the best-laid bars in New York and is definitely worth a visit.

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2. Always Зresent – the Grand Central Station Сlock

At the exterior facade of the terminal is the world’s largest Tiffany watch, this weighs 1500 tons and has a diameter of almost 4 meters. The Grand Central Station Clock consists of brass-colored glass. The clock is framed by the Roman gods, Hermes, Minerva, and Mercury. The French artist Jules-Félix Coutain created this artwork.

In the hall finds a further highlight of the Vanderbilt family. The four-sided clock at the information is estimated at $ 10 million. It consists of brass the opals occupied. There is an acorn made of brass on the clock – the symbol of the Vanderbilt family.

3. The Legacy of the Vanderbilts

The family motto of the Vanderbilts was: “Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.” What’s as much as every mighty tree was once a seed. Beautifully philosophical family. But not only wondered went to, within the crand genral station the symbols of the family can be found again.

The Vanderbilts were one of the most influential families in the 19th and 20th centuries and helped the construction of the train station. Acorns and Oakes carved in magnificent bronze scannies or stone. Most symbols are located on the staircoungers, on the walls, and on the bronze chandeliers in the hall.

In the Grand Central Terminal near the oyster bar is the well-known whispering Gallery. If you are opposite yourself here, you can communicate with each other as stalls alongside. The curved ceiling reflects the sound as with a dosecon. To date, one is not sure if the acoustic effect was intended.

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5. The Secret of the Former Roof Window

Famous Clock

In the main hall, the construction work should actually be installed a roof window. But then the money went to tilt and you improvised. They decided on a ceiling painting of the artist Paul Helleu. This has actually been known for its correctness.

He was commissioned with a constellation. In the end, it turned out that the painters got the plans from the wrong perspective. Thus, the constellation is now reversed.

6. Grand Central Terminal Station – The Windows

View with great history

This mystery is kept secret by all means: the gigantic windows in the main hall of the station have hidden walkways. These allow a view from a bird’s eye view to the hall. These hidden ways were built at that time so that the business people come into the offices undisturbed to their workplace. Unfortunately, the sidewalks can only be achieved with permission, for example at the photo safari.

7. Have You Heard of the Mysterious Track 61?

Under the railway tracks in the station, there is another, hidden track. This secret track is mainly used by VIPs to get unacknowledged in the city. On the so-called track 61, there is also an elevator that is directly connected to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is said to have often used this comfortable way over track 61. Nowadays, the track is still waiting if a president hurriedly has to disappear from the hotel.

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