Best Small Towns in Upstate New York

8:23 am  |  14.11.2020

It is believed that you should not come to New York for 2-3 days, but it is worth living in it for at least a week to get to know it better and feel its spirit. Of course, it would be better to live in New York for a month or two so that you can take a stroll around the city and, in addition to sightseeing, visiting cafes and restaurants, carefully observe the life of the metropolis, noticing all the details. Besides, in the vicinity of this metropolis, many small but very interesting cities are interesting to see for every traveler. We’ve rounded up the top 10 must-see spots in upstate New York.


Montclair, a town located in the neighboring state of New York, New Jersey, is today one of the most prestigious towns, home to many wealthy and even famous New Yorkers, such as Steven Spielberg.

Монклер, Нью-Джерси

The most interesting cities around New York. Montclair

Located just 20 kilometers from Manhattan, Montclair over the past few decades has drawn the fame of Hampton as the most favorite, suburban place of residence, stars, millionaires, and simply wealthy and successful New Yorkers. An exceptional combination of proximity to the metropolis, rich nature, and historical buildings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries make Montclair the most respectable millionaire city near New York.


One of the prettiest towns on Long Island with a large number of colonial buildings, cozy restaurants, and small shops. Two centuries ago, Greenport was one of the largest fishing villages in the northeastern United States. The air still smells of salt and fish. An amazingly beautiful view of the ocean opens from the shore.

A Local's Guide to Greenport | Edible Long Island

Cities interesting when traveling to New York. Greenport

Be sure to visit the Rail Road Museum of Long Island, as well as the local winery (Kontokosta) and brewery (Greenport Harbor). Alternatively, you can buy organic produce from your local farmer’s market.

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A small town with a population of just over one and a half thousand inhabitants, located on the Delaware River.

Many tourists note that Frenchtown is filled with some kind of inexplicable energy that helps to distract from the outside world. You will enjoy simple, strolls through the narrow streets and gazing at local businesses.

Frenchtown, NJ | Essex homes, Frenchtown, New jersey

Top best cities on the way to New York. Frenchtown

Frenchtown’s restaurants are some of the best in New Jersey. Each dish is a work of art. The abundance of culinary delights will amaze you. Whatever you want is served here: from classic American steaks weighing three pounds to oysters cooked using a special technology.


Princeton, a town in the same state of New Jersey, is located at a distance of about 80 kilometers from New York and heard by many, thanks to one of the most famous US universities located within the city.

Princeton University

Must-see cities around New York. Princeton

In fact, Princeton University is “city-forming” – everything here in Princeton is connected with the university and its students. The campus of Princeton University is made in the style of English Gothic and is recognized as the coziest and galley of all universities in the country!


Lambertville is a historic New Jersey town located on the very border with the state of Pennsylvania, 120 kilometers from Manhattan. The border between the two states runs exactly in the middle of the Delaware River, while on the other side of the coast is the equally wonderful town of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Ламбертвилль, Нью-Джерси 1


Lambertville bears the proud title of “The Antique Capital of New Jersey” and attracts tourists with a huge number of antique shops and an endless string of art galleries of contemporary art, as well as a large number of delicious cafes and restaurants.

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Cold Spring

A Victorian city where women sometimes walk the streets in long dresses, sheltering from the sun with umbrellas. Main Street is full of antique shops, cafes, and restaurants. The historic waterfront overlooking the Hudson is within walking distance.

Cold Spring Harbor (Нью-Йорк)

Cold Spring

If you come to Cold Spring, do not miss the opportunity to admire the giant Stonecrop Gardens and stroll through the Hudson Highlands Park. From May to October, tourists have access to the ancient Bannerman castle, which is located on the Pollepel island.


The Battle of Gettysburg is one of the watershed and bloodiest battles of the Civil War. For three July days in 1863, about 8 thousand people died here, and the number of wounded exceeded 25 thousand.

11 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Gettysburg | PlanetWare


Today, almost the entire city consists of memorable landmarks, against which the Gettysburg National Military Park stands out – a gigantic park of 3.965 acres (for comparison, the area of ​​Central Park in New York is 840 acres). Here you will see a huge number of artifacts from 150 years ago and learn a lot of interesting things about the bloody battle.


The road to this city is not close, so New York tourists usually leave early Saturday morning and return late Sunday evening. Cooperstown is famous for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Even if you are not a fan of this sport, the amazing and super rare exhibits will charm you. You will feel the love of the locals for baseball everywhere. Even sitting in local restaurants in front of autographed photos of athletes.

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24 Hours in Cooperstown NY- Cooperstown Getaway


The second highlight of Cooperstown is Lake Otsego, which is nine miles long. You can rent a boat or yacht and enjoy the scenery from the shore.

Old Saybrook

A very quiet coastal town, symbolized by the Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse built-in 1886. The city is considered an ideal holiday destination for lovers. Children can get bored here, but adults will immerse themselves in an unforgettable romantic world.

507 Main St, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 -®

Old Saybrook

It is good to dream here, to be frank, and to confess your love to a dear person. The locals are distinguished by their hospitality and generosity. Don’t be surprised if someone gives you free coffee and offers you a freshly baked pie.


Morristown was the winter residence of George Washington during the Revolutionary War. The local park was built on the spot where Continental Army soldiers were starving and freezing between 1777 and 1780. Military history buffs will be delighted with the local historical sites.

Morristown planning board starts M Station review | Morristown Green


It is also recommended to visit the local The Community Theater, which regularly hosts performances and symphony concerts. Besides, there are a lot of art galleries in Morristown. In local shops, you can buy beautiful paintings by little-known artists.


One of the favorite tourist destinations of residents of large cities in the northeast. The city is famous for its Victorian architecture, which visitors are ready to consider for long hours. Particularly popular is the home of Gifford Pinchot (Gray Towers National Historic Site) – conservationist, gamekeeper, head of the forest fire department, and the governor of Pennsylvania.

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Hikers will enjoy exploring the trails near Raymondskill Falls. Nearby is the famous James Barton Watermill, built in the first half of the 19th century.

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