Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn New York: The Best Pizza in New York City?

5:22 pm  |  21.03.2022

If you’re looking for a truly delicious stone-oven, authentic Italian pizza, you won’t find many restaurants in New York City that fit the bill. But Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn lures with original Italian tradition and the reputation of the best pizza in New York. We did the taste test for you!

Anyone who comes to New York as a tourist will initially be amazed at the preparation and taste of the pizza. Those who like thick pizza with lots of cheese (preferably with the crust still on it) will have no problem satisfying their hunger for the “Italian” delicacy. That’s why we made it our mission to find the tastiest pizza in New York City.

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For this, we went over the Brooklyn Bridge to the beautiful Dumbo. Pizzeria Grimaldi’s meets all the criteria that a good pizzeria should have. But what exactly makes Grimaldi’s so special?

Grimaldi’s Pizza: A New York Icon

Grimaldi’s Pizza

The name Grimaldis Pizzeria stands for a pizza chain that was founded in New York in 1941 and whose restaurants can now be found in several cities in the USA, including Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn Dumbo neighborhood, where the company originated. The secret of success?

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Maintained tradition, ingredients imported from Italy, and the resulting absolutely authentic Italian preparation. Every pizza at Grimaldi’s is prepared in hand-made, charcoal-fired charcoal ovens in the old Italian tradition. Grimaldi’s in Dumbo is ranked #1 in New York and one of the top five restaurants in the US. The best pizza in New York and Grimaldi’s are often mentioned in the same breath here.

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Waiting Time

Grimaldi’s Pizza: an inside view

New Yorkers have known for a long time that the pizza at Grimaldi’s in Dumbo is the tastiest in the city, which is why they flock to Brooklyn, especially on weekends. A long queue and waiting times should therefore be planned for – but it is definitely worth waiting for a table. Click here for the menu of the Grimaldi Pizzeria in Dumbo.

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Grimaldi’s in Manhattan, Coney Island & Queens

Dumbo, Brooklyn is home to the mother of all Grimaldi restaurants. But if you prefer to try the best pizza in town in Manhattan, Queens, or on Coney Island, you can do so. In Manhattan, the pizzeria is on 656 Avenue of the Americas (to the menu), in Queens in the Douglaston Plaza Shopping Center (to the menu) on 61st Avenue, and on Coney Island (to the menu) you can find Grimaldi’s near the subway station on the 1215 Surf Ave.

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