Wowfulls of New York: Waffles & Ice Cream

6:15 pm  |  23.03.2022

Wowfulls is one of our favorites when it comes to dessert in New York. For those with a sweet tooth among you, a visit here is an absolute must in our opinion!

Wowfulls offers ice cream in combination with waffles. It all started in 2015 at New York’s most popular food market, Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Wowfulls was there with a small stand. It didn’t take long for the gorgeous Hong Kong-inspired Egg Waffles to become a social media sensation.

Wowfulls in Hell’s Kitchen

With the increasing popularity, it wasn’t long before he had his own small shop. So now you can not only enjoy Wowfulls weekly at the Smorgasburg Food Market but anytime.

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As you can quickly see, the Wowfulls look sensational. The ice cream cones are definitely something for the eye. To be honest, we were also drawn to Wowfulls for the first time after discovering the trendy pictures on Instagram. When we were finally able to try the ice cream, we were immediately aware that it not only looks fantastic here but also tastes delicious. Since our first visit here two and a half years ago, we’ve come here more often when we are in the area.

What’s So Great about Wowfulls?

The waffles are crispy on the outside and extremely soft on the inside, almost melting in your mouth. The cone is hard enough that it won’t collapse when you scoop it up with a spoon but soft enough that you can eat it with ease.

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You are already spoiled for choice when it comes to the type of waffle. After that, you can of course choose the ice cream flavor and decorate it with lots of colorful toppings.

Where Can You Find It?

Sweet Chick’s wowfulls

Wowfulls is located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s a tiny shop that barely fits more than 10 people. There are a few stools for seating, but these are usually occupied.

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We love coming here, especially when paired with one of our favorite restaurants, Sweet Chick. Here you can get Southern Chicken and Waffles. If that sounds like waffle overload to you, then we have a great alternative: raclette! The Swiss “melted cheese restaurant” is only 10 minutes walk away and is a very special restaurant, especially if you like cheese!

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