“Ludlow Hotel” in New York: Room 1401

12:29 pm  |  16.01.2022

To run around is in room 1401 in the chic “Ludlow Hotel” barely space. It offers the most exciting view of Manhattan. And with its equipment itself the most honest guests on the sample.

Even anyone who would never have a can of shoe cream from a hotel, which represents the “Ludlow Hotel” in New York on a hard test. The temptation depends in the bathroom of room 1401 on a golden hook and consists of white terry: a bathrobe of the French avant-garde label Maison Martin Margiela. He hangs with the back to the wall, the famous brand label with the three black numbers rows and the designer name looks well visibly outward.

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View from the “Ludlow Hotel” on the Sky over New York

Curtain up! In the “Mini Studio” the freedom of movement is low, the view is great

Source: Annie Schlechter

Above them, rays a gold chandelier, in front of walls made of open white bricks steam a fireplace of limestone, on the floor in the lobby forms tiny tiles graphic mosaics. My choice has fallen on one of the smallest rooms at the hotel, an 18-square meter “Mini Studio” with the number 1401.

New York attracts more with the energy on the road anyway than with space in the interiors, but more beautiful than in the “Ludlow” it can not live in a shoebox. A petrified tree stump serves as a bedside table, a hairy transit adjacent to the single chair in the room, a bulbous Moroccan copper lamp hangs from the ceiling.

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The bed frame is made of dark wood with four massifs, almost to the ceiling-projecting columns, almost the entire room occupies. The wardrobe and seating area share the only free corner at the foot of the bed.

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From the 14th floor, you can look down on Downtown Manhattan, the picture balances every missing square meter. The Ludlow house is one of the highest in his block, which ensures an impressive view from many rooms, the gym, and of course from the roof terrace.

To run around in room 1401 is hardly any place, so it’s best to be in bed and looks at the sky above New York.

The Lower East Side

The bathroom is discreet with old fashioned decor

Source: Annie Schlechter

Who needs variety, places itself in the bathtub and looks from there from one of the black-framed wing windows before wrapping in the said terry coat of Maison Martin Margiela. The minimalist designer accessories fit perfectly into a bathroom, which plays discreetly with old-fashioned decor: marble washbasin, golden shiny brass details, open light bulbs frame the mirror. Even the doormat comes from Margiela.

The Lower East Side is a perfect location for the hotel – known to appreciate fashion resources places where on the one hand still sticks to a rough past and, on the other hand, to live and shop well in a pleasant atmosphere.

The 20-story red brick building opens on Ludlow Street, 2014 by Sean Macpherson, Ira Drukier, and Richard Born as a boutique hotel, plays like its surroundings with the charm of shabby and looks a bit nostalgic into the wild past.

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In the Lower East Side, the Outlaws Manhattan escaped. Although spotty façades with fire conductors are designed here and there the street picture serves as a cool backdrop. Today, “Il Laboratorio del Gelato” lures with homemade sesameis, the New Museum with modern art, the Boutique of the designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh with simple suede mules for $ 300.

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On weekend nights you squeezed through smoking party people, the next morning the sidewalks look out as if the garbage removal has dropped their cargo after a clean-up day. Because the “Dirty French” is popular in New York nightlife, it will be particularly full in the evening before the “Ludlow Hotel”.

White bricks steam a fireplace of limestone

Source: Annie Schlechter

Otherwise, the “Dirty French” serves French classics like Sole Meunière and global darlings like Eggs Benedict for breakfast. You should necessarily reserve the dinner, the Room Service brings the Avocado Tartine but also to the room.

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