The Best Pubs in New York: The Best List

3:45 pm  |  20.09.2021

In the United States, New York is the city with the largest number of Irish residents. In several waves of immigration, millions of Irish came to New York, Boston, and other large metropolises on the east coast in order to have a better life in the first phases. After the boom in the Irish industry, New York was a popular destination for second homes.

Even today, the New York DNA is somewhat Irish – the many Irish pubs are proof of this. Over the years they became an important part of bar culture and are still very popular today.

Mr. Dennehy’s

Located between Washington Square Park and SoHo, you will find Mr. Dennehy’s, a meeting place for the locals: good bar food, a sports bar and a large selection of freshly tapped beer meet here. 

The whole of New York is constantly changing and it’s nice to come across spots where time seems to pass by without a trace. Other places in this category are, for example, “Katz’s Delicatessen”, “Nancy’s Whiskey Pub” but also “McSorleys”, although the proportion of tourists has increased significantly in the latter.

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The Red Lion

Cozy place in Greenwich Village

If you’re looking for a cozy pub in Greenwich Village, The Red Lion is your place to go! A pleasant, uncomplicated atmosphere and live music await you here.

Foley’s NY

Foley’s NY pub is just one block from Macy’s on Herald Square. One thing, in particular, makes it exciting: it is a classic Irish pub that is particularly popular with baseball fans. Because here you will find over 3,000 signed baseball balls and small items with collector’s value up to such things as the Tiffany bag in which the 2013 World Series Trophy was transported. From the outside, the Foley’s NY is also very easy to recognize, it is bright red. Make sure to try their filled burgers there, they are known for that.

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The Playwright Irish Pub

 Wonderful place for your cozy evening

The pub has everything a real Irish pub should have: a great long bar, sports broadcasts, a good selection of Irish whiskeys, and delicious burgers. In short: a sensational bar.

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Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant

Another Irish pub in New York

Also, an Irish pub as it is in the book: a rustic counter, lots of colorful taps, and tons of good whiskey. There’s a lot going on here, and not just on St. Patrick’s Day. Incidentally, there are three Connolly’s in Manhattan.

The Irish Pub

The Irish Pub is not far from Central Park, Columbus Circle, and Rockefeller Center. The name says it all and besides good fish and chips, you have a good selection of draft beer. You can’t miss it from the outside: just look for the reddest building you can see.

McGettigan’s NYC

Do you want to relax from shopping at Macy’s? Well then off to McGettigan’s NYC: the Irish Pub is only one block away and not only combines fair prices and a large selection of beers but also has one of the best burgers you will eat in an Irish pub. The Black Angus Burger is sensational – if you are in New York, be sure to check their website to see if and when there is live music. There is no better combination in the area!

Molly’s Pub

Only three blocks from Madison Square Park in the direction of the East Village is Molly’s Pub, which is one of our all-time favorites. The pub is super-authentic and has everything you could hope for in a real Irish pub.

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You can walk past O’Brien’s very quickly without recognizing it. The building it is in is quite narrow, you will notice that inside too. You should definitely stop here, it’s near Times Square and is one of those pubs that are an integral part of the New Yorkers of the area. Small, unspectacular, and always worth a visit precisely because it is so wonderfully normal!

Muldoon’s Irish Pub

Are you near Grand Central Terminal and want to go to a pub? Well, then Muldoon’s Irish Pub is exactly your place! The pub is Irish through and through: from the typical beers to whiskey to the bartender. And if the weather cooperates, you can even go out onto the small terrace, from which you can see the Chrysler Building.

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The Irish American Pub

The Irish American Pub in the immediate vicinity of the 9/11 Memorial is a MUST DO for us, it is that good. It is not without reason that we have been here regularly for years. What makes him stand out? A wonderful simplicity, good drinks, great prices and last but not least: probably the best chicken wings ever. The Irish American Pub is firmly in the hands of the locals and, with its long counter, is also really nice. The next time you come from the 9/11 Memorial or the One World Observatory, mingle with the New Yorkers.

Scallywag’s Irish Pub

Bright red on the outside, Irish on the inside! The Scallywag’s definitely belongs on our list of the best. It’s a classic pub as it stands: nice and friendly bartenders, a good selection of beers, and great bar food – and all for a fair price.

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