Top 19 New York’s Romantic Restaurants

10:23 am  |  16.10.2020

There is no shortage of spectacular views in New York – mesmerizing cityscapes can be seen from different parts of the city. When you want to impress someone special, choosing the right restaurant can be critical.

We’ve compiled for you a selection of 19 of the most romantic restaurants in New York City that offer a romantic atmosphere as well as quality food and service. It will help you impress your significant other for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or another special occasion.

1. Kat & Theo

Located in the Flatiron district, Kat & Theo has a chef named Paras Shah who previously cooked for El Bulli, Per Se, and Momofuku Noodle Bar. This man has a unique approach to Mediterranean and American cuisine. A brick-lined bar counter (and an Eiffel Tower-style metal grate), an open kitchen, and a dining room heated by a romantic stone fireplace are all one restaurant.

New York’s Most Romantic Dating Restaurants: Kat & Theo

2. Milk and Roses

Milk and Roses at Greenpoint is perfect for a cozy dinner, a double anniversary celebration, or a delicious first date. Head to the candlelit interior of the restaurant for dinner if you are in a serious romantic relationship, or visit the beautifully lit outdoor garden that is even suitable for a warm-weather wedding.

New York’s Best Romantic Restaurants: Milk and Roses

3. Restaurant Marc Forgione

The Marc Forgione restaurant in Tribeca exudes romance, with weathered brick walls, gilded mirrors, and thick candles almost the only lighting. The menu includes exotic dishes from different countries, and the staff maintains a romantic atmosphere at the highest level.

Marc Forgione

4. Mar’s

This charming place in Queens is perfect for a romantic date with a special person. Start at the dark, wood-paneled bar, where bow-tie bartenders prepare cocktails like the Mar’s Manhattan. Then go to the candlelit tables, order oysters from the bar, and listen to tunes from the 1930s playing from a retro turntable.

Top 19 New York’s Romantic Restaurants: Mar’s

5. August

This classic dating destination moved to the Upper East Side last year but has managed to maintain the charm of its original West Village location. The menu at the new place has preserved the famous dishes – stewed ribs with honey, baked salmon with avocado mousse, cucumber and lime, and so on. The marble bar makes cocktails in barrels, including Long Island Iced Tea, but if you fancy a drink, try Glogg: red wine, vermouth, vodka, cinnamon, cloves, and raisins, served warm.

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6. Black Mountain Wine House

It’s hard to believe that this cabin complete with Adirondack chairs and porch wood is located just a block from the bustling Smith Street in Brooklyn. Couples in love can sit by the fireplace or next to the tiny kitchen and warm up with one of the restaurant’s 30 wines, including sherry. Order truffles, cheese, and toast with white beans and baked ricotta, one of the specialties of this restaurant.

Black Mountain Wine House

7. One if by Land, Two if by Sea

Inside this elegant building – once Aaron Burr’s wagon – brick walls, gold candelabra, huge bouquets, and plush chairs in front of the stage. This place is one of the most popular places in the city for wedding proposals. Tables next to one of the restaurant’s two fireplaces in the Constitution Room or next to the French windows that open onto the garden are especially popular with couples. The set menu includes classics like Wellington beef, but if you are offered a special “just for you” side dish, you will probably see a ring surrounded by rose petals.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

8. Cafe Moto

Don’t be fooled by the weathered walls outside and the rumbling of subway cars overhead: this Brooklyn restaurant has a pretty romantic, albeit a little rude interior. Couples in love gather at tiny candlelit tables and sample French dishes like Dijon Butter Fried Chicken. A table by the window overlooking the subway entrance is great for dating and marriage proposals.

Cafe Moto

9. River Café

The romantic atmosphere begins before you enter this Brooklyn restaurant: the path leading to the front door is lit by lanterns and passes by the greenhouse, which grows flowers for the restaurant. But to impress your companion, book a table by the window – the restaurant offers stunning views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. This painting has fascinated visitors for decades. It serves New American cuisine and ends with a dessert shaped like a miniature chocolate-covered Brooklyn Bridge.

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River Café

10. Zenkichi

Find an unnamed door on a side street in Williamsburg that leads you into a dark, lantern-lit corridor decorated with bamboo and pebbles. Once settled in the mahogany office behind the curtains, you will be served a menu and a small bell so you can call the waiter. Small Japanese plates, jazz music in the background, and not the slightest hint that other guests are sitting in separate offices of the three-story restaurant. The tasting of seasonal specialties of the chef’s choice on the menu is very popular.


11. Cherry

The decor combines Japanese and French elements, such as lush red velvet banquettes opposite photographs of samurai and geisha. Order tuna pie with creamy ponzu and white truffle oil and pair it with one of the restaurant’s 80 drinks or the famous Cherry Bomb cocktail — Corralejo tequila, cherry jam, black agave pepper, and lemon.


12. Asiate в Mandarin Oriental

The restaurant is located on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Asia boasts some of the best views of Central Park and the Billionaire Row through floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. Tables decorated with orchids hint at the Asian type of establishment, as evidenced by the menu, which features sashimi, sushi, and another Japanese cuisine. The menu also includes French and Italian dishes for European visitors.

Asiate в Mandarin Oriental Фото: Courtesy of Asiate

Asiate в Mandarin Oriental

13. The Loeb Boathouse Café

In the middle of Central Park, there is a cafe on board the ship, standing on the shore of the lake. Sitting at a cozy table, lovers enjoy the singing of birds, the smell of violets, and fluttering butterflies. The restaurant’s cuisine is designed in American style.

Express Cafe | The Loeb Boathouse Central Park

The Loeb Boathouse Café

14. Alma

On Brooklyn skyscrapers, it’s hard to find a bird’s eye view of the city. Perhaps the best option in this case is the Mexican restaurant Alma. Climbing three floors to the rooftop provides panoramic views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan piers. There is no need to worry about winter weather – the roof is heated.

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Алма Фото: Courtesy of Alma


15. Rainbow Room at the Rock

Reopened in 2014 after five years of renovation, the Rainbow Room at the Rock continues the nearly century-old restaurant tradition on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Plaza. The restaurant offers beautiful views of the south of Manhattan. Couples in love choose this place for dating and celebrating special dates.

Rainbow Room at the Rock Фото: Courtesy of Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room at the Rock

16. The River Café

The cafe offers stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan, which are most impressive at night due to the reflections of the lights in the water. The chefs do their best to ensure that the menu meets any need, offering customers quality American cuisine. This is a great place for a romantic dinner and a first date.

The River Café, Brooklyn, New York City

The River Café

17. Maiella

This elegant Italian restaurant opened in June 2015. The main attraction of this place is the outdoor terrace next to the giant antique Pepsi Cola sign in State Park. It offers views of Roosevelt Island, the United Nations Building, and other landmarks. Love couples choose this restaurant for dates and memorable beautiful photos.

Maiella Фото: Maiella


18. Battery Gardens

This restaurant overlooks famous New York City landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. They are visible from the restaurant’s two open terraces. Visitors are offered American cuisine. There is no better place for a first date in a relaxed atmosphere.

Battery Gardens Фото: Battery Gardens

Battery Gardens

19. Johnny’s Reef Restaurant

Johnny’s Reef is one of the oldest restaurants in the city with a unique atmosphere. You can book a table on the terrace overlooking Manhasset Harbor. The restaurant offers seafood dishes as well as traditional European and American cuisine. In the evening, a romantic atmosphere is created when the city lights are reflected in the water.

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Johnny’s Reef Restaurant

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