Uber in New York City: The Better Alternative to the Yellow Cab

12:18 pm  |  04.05.2022

Anyone who used to drive a yellow cab in New York City now drives an Uber. You’ve probably heard about the ride-hailing company from the media – but here in New York City, Uber is more popular than ever and just last week the prices were reduced by another 15%. No Yellow Cab can compete with that in terms of price and the service is also clearly better with Uber in New York City.

We often get inquiries about Uber in New York City, many are unsure whether the service is really safe and how exactly Uber works. You can find all the answers in this article:

To ride with Uber, you need the Uber app on your smartphone. If you’re a new member and use our discount code, you can save $5 on your first ride. After installing the app on your smartphone, you add your payment method, this can be a credit card or a Paypal account. You’re ready to go. It is important to know that you need internet on your smartphone.

You are at a location where you would like to be picked up and now you only have to enter your destination address or name (e.g. Madison Square Garden). Then click on “Uber request (order)”. If you want to know roughly how much your ride will cost, use the fare estimate by scrolling down.

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Choose your ride and your location. You will then see the photo and the vehicle information of your driver (private driver with his car) and you can follow his way to you live on the map. Make absolutely sure that you are not on a main road where the driver cannot stop.

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Uber Vehicle Categories: From Cheap to Luxurious

Uber Cars

Uber offers a vehicle for every occasion, which means you can choose exactly which vehicle class you would like before ordering the vehicle. But be careful here, because this has a strong impact on the price. You cannot pre-order an Uber, you must be physically at the departure location to guarantee pickup. You can choose from:





What is Uber Pool?

Especially if you order an Uber in New York City after concerts, sporting events, or during rush hour, for example, you may have to share an Uber with another person. You can often select it that way to save money.

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Of course, you run the risk that the journey will take longer because the other person also has to be taken to their destination. But maybe you’re lucky and it’s your turn first. This type of ride is especially worthwhile on expensive rides. We’ve done it many times and have never had a bad experience – the fare is split and calculated exactly depending on how long you’ve shared the vehicle.

How do I Recognize the Uber driver?

Before your driver arrives, you’ll see the driver’s name and photo, car, and license plate number in your app. This ensures that you always get into the right vehicle. The driver often calls you or sends you an SMS. If it’s a little confusing at your pick-up location, stand somewhere where the driver can easily collect you and let him know this location via text message. As soon as you sit in the car, the driver will ask you for your name, this is to confirm that you are the right person.

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In the vehicle itself it is often very relaxed, many drivers like to talk, ask for music requests, offer water or sweets.

Note: About New York with Kids

We often get questions about this, because many are unsure whether there will be child seats for their little ones. We investigated and have the following information for you.

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When you download the app, click directly on “uberX” on the first screen and then find the option “car seat” – this is where you select an extra child seat. A surcharge of $10 will be charged. There is only ONE child seat per Uber!

Please note that the seats are only suitable for children who are older than 12 months, weigh at least 10 kilos or are 78 cm tall.

At your destination, all you have to do is get off and Uber will automatically debit the fare from your credit card or linked PayPal account. A tip is not necessary, but can be looked at separately in the app after the end of the trip

How Safe is Uber?

We use Uber several times a week, a yellow cab is only an emergency when there’s no Uber nearby, which almost never happens: Uber driving in New York City is perfectly safe, we’ve never had a bad experience made and the prices are right too. A yellow cab always costs 10% more for the same journey.

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