Sex and the City Tour in New York: The Highlights

4:23 pm  |  25.09.2021

On this Sex and the City tour through New York, you follow in the footsteps of Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie, and her friends. Well, who hasn’t always dreamed of it? As a loyal fan of the series, you know every scene, every episode, and would give anything to go to the original filming locations in New York.

The Sex and the City Bus Tour is perfect and is not just a great tour for die-hard fans of the series. Many of my friends who have been to New York so far have recommended this tour and came back with great enthusiasm.

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Update 2021: To ensure safety on the tour, the ticket model has been changed. Now you no longer book individual tickets, but a private tour for you. A fixed price per participant only applies to groups of 4 or more.

In the Footsteps of Carrie from Sex in the City

During the 3.5 hours that this special sightseeing tour lasts, recurring screeching alarms are preprogrammed. Because the bus follows in the footsteps of the sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine from the famous television series “Sex and the City” on the American cable channel HBO. 

The tour takes you to the city’s filming locations, the shoe stores, restaurants, the furniture store of Carrie’s friend Aidan, and the parks where Carrie and her friends Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha viewed life from two angles:

You are right in the middle of it and get the feeling of being part of this great series. Many scenes from the series are shown in the bus, for which the original locations are then approached. Some of these can be seen from the bus, or by leaving the bus and taking wonderful walks to the locations. 

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The tour guides are great and some of them are actors themselves, who convey the SATC attitude towards life in a unique way.

Insider Tips and Celebrity Alerts Promise Great Stops

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The highlight for all romantics is definitely the stop in front of Carrie’s house. Here on the steps, she said goodbye to her Mister Big so often and every time you sighed with her when they didn’t go back to her house together. Just as enchanting is the romantic Magnolia Bakery with its outstanding cupcakes, a delicious Cosmopolitan in Carrie’s local pub and a stroll through Greenwich Village, and the insider tip where Sarah Jessica Parker could be found every day in New York.

Tickets and Prices for Sex in the City NYC

In the past, you could buy individual tickets for the Sex and the City Bus Tour. For groups of up to 3 people, the fixed price of $ 560 now applies because it is a private tour. From 4 people you pay again per person: the ticket then costs $ 137.50.

Highlights of the Sex and the City Tour in NYC

The Sex and the City Tour is a great mix of film clips that will be shown on the bus, as well as individual stops at exciting places in NYC that you will recognize from the series. This of course also includes Carrie’s apartment.

1. The Plaza Hotel

The first meeting point is an important spot that plays an important role at the end of the second season of Sex and the City. The Sex and the City fans know, of course, why that is.

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2. Carrie’s Apartment in the West Village

The staircase to Carrie’s apartment is perhaps the most famous staircase in New York: Carrie Bradshaw allegedly lived on the Upper East Side, but this address does not exist. The actual location is much further south, in Greenwich Village. The steps to the front door of 66 Perry Street served as Carrie Bradshaw’s steps for years. The sign next to the front door does not show the number 66, but 1866, which often confuses tourists. 1866 is the year of construction.

3. Magnolia Bakery

A frequent meeting point for the SATC girls. Miranda and Carrie always bought their cupcakes there too. Very close to Carrie’s apartment. When you stand in front of Carrie’s fictional front door and look at it, then go right to the next corner and then turn right onto Bleecker Street. After a few meters on the right, you will find Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleecker Street).

4. Scout

Another favorite spot for the girls: the Scout. Which is actually called Onieals. There was the second encounter between Carrie and Aidan. It is only a 30-minute walk from Magnolia Bakery (174 Grand Street).

5. Carrie’s Favorite Shoe Store

Manolo Blahnik – 31 West 54th Street – between 5th and 6th Avenue is an absolute MUST on the Hotspot Tour.

6. The “birthday Italian” Il Cantinori

This Sex and the City location is on the corner of 10th and University Streets. Carrie’s 35th birthday was supposed to be celebrated there, but no one showed up.

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7. Pan Asian Restaurant Tao

When the restaurant opened, Carrie first met Mr. Big. (42 East 58th St.)

8. Pleasure Chest

In the sex shop, Charlotte bought her “Rabbit” – which the girls had to take from her at some point because she no longer wanted to leave her apartment (7th Ave South).

9. Jefferson Market Library & Garden

Miranda and Steve got married on this meadow next to the former courthouse (6th Ave & 10th Street).

10. Staten Island Ferry

To see again and again in the series: the Sex and the City girls on the ferry. The skyline is indescribable. The journey takes 25 minutes and costs nothing. Depart from Whitehall Street Ferry Terminal.

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11. Church of the Transfiguration

Samantha’s brief and violent crush on a pastor and her attempts to find salvation with him remain unheard of (6th Ave & 10th Street).

12. New York Public Library

The fairytale wedding of Carrie and Mr. Big should have taken place here – but it has not, as has been known since the first film. Carrie chose the New York Public Library for her romantic wedding to experience the dream wedding she always wanted.

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